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QQ 3bet pot multiway

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  • QQ 3bet pot multiway

    UTG 14/12/2 vp/pfr/3b I didnt want to flat QQ multiway OOP even though UTG is a nit and might 4bet me and i would have to fold. Anyhow i bet flop and turn looks pretty standard to me and i decided to check the river and fold to a big bet. He bets small and i call as he could of been going for some thin value with sets and maybe slow played KK AA seen as he hasnt 4bet once over my sample. So is my x/c ok here?

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    lol u got cold-decked here nasty...
    i think u played this OK , though u could checkcall OTT to see if hit set and checkcall OTR


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      bet on the flop is far too small.....really wet board you are giving him decent odds.


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        Originally posted by Danutz75 View Post
        bet on the flop is far too small.....really wet board you are giving him decent odds.
        Yh but i wanted to get called by JJ TT and maybe some floats that could hit an A or a K and hes probably peeling any size on the flop to hit a draw.

        Yh your right in gonna have to up my bet sizes here.


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          Hi Mike,

          Not a fan of 3b/folding QQ, so if you feel you must vs. the villain, flatting is much better. That being said, the sample size for these stats must be small OR he doesn't fold to 3b much (stat not given), since he actually called a large 3b with AT (which frankly should be folded, it's crushed by your whole range here preflop).

          Flop bet is too small imo in a 3 way pot, I prefer more like $1.25 here. Bet bigger on the turn. Bet river imo... a guy with these stats isn't bluffing the river much, and I can see him checking down AQ and KK when we check. A hand like JcJx isn't out of the question either but that he probably bets when checked to.
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            lol easiest river shove ever


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              Originally posted by TheLangolier View Post

              Flop bet is too small imo in a 3 way pot, I prefer more like $1.25 here.

              This is still too small and still giving him odds if 3 way IMO. I would rather bet pretty much pot or even pot + 20%. That is a really horrible flop for us 3 handed as it can potentially lull us into false sense of security thinking we are safe. There is already a decent size pot so I think I would be tempted to bet around $2.15. This should at least get it down to being 2 handed and get players off draws, and if it takes it down it takes it down. An added benefit is that you will still be likely to keep AA,KK, and possibly even a loose KQ in the hand.

              If you lose a hand it is better that it is a result of bad play by an opponent than because of a mistake by yourself. Betting too small on the flop is a mistake by us,and if a player hits their draw it is our own fault, however if an opponent calls the slight oversize flop bet then you can only lose the hand through their error.
              Last edited by Danutz75; Sun Dec 29, 2013, 03:46 PM.


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                Originally posted by Danutz75 View Post
                potentially lull us
                didnt u mean lulz us?


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                  Originally posted by birdayy View Post
                  lol easiest river shove ever
                  What do you expect him to call my shove with? I got top set theres a flush on board and the only hand i can get value from with a shove is JJ with a club imo, i was thinking of going for a small bet against AQ but the chance of him having that was pretty unlikely and he looks to be a nit by my sample.



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