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1000 vpps

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  • 1000 vpps

    How long do you reckon it would take for me to get 1000 vpps at 5nl on 4 tables of zoom?

    I get $50 if i manage to do it which is ten stacks so i wouldnt mind having ago but at the same time i would rather be watching some pso vids than grinding atm.

    I've earnt 700 vpps this month over 25k hands so it seems impossible to me.

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    You make +- 1000 hands an hour 4 tabling zoom. So it will take you less than two days.


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      As per my stats, 29,000 hands
      I play 800 hands per hour on 4 tables of Zoom
      36 hours


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        I earned 817 vpp in 8 hours last night 2 tabling HU omaha 50nl.

        Crazy zoom game though.
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          Guess 4-tables of 5nl *should* be about the same as 2-tables of 10nl? My hands/hr's a bit low because I like to stop and ponder stuff while I go On the other hand, am also prone to spew, so ... it averages out to about 10vpps/hr for me. Would that be about 50hrs? Someone may have to double-check the math on that - it's lunchtime and im hungry PS Also, you know what, last year I felt short and couple of hundred vpps and don't regret missing out on the $50, because there was always that potential for losing even more in the process ... there's always next year GL with whatever you decide mike!! umbup:


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            Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
            Guess 4-tables of 5nl *should* be about the same as 2-tables of 10nl?
            Nope it's not
            I was trashed on another site for saying the same as you
            It's all about rake amount at different stake

            It came out that playing 4 tables of 25NL at Zoom as more Vpp's than 1 table of 100NL Zoom


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              Oh, ya that's true - there'd be different rake rates and stuff

              Also, my math was wrong, so never mind my stuff

              Was just thinking tho mike that like, $50 may be 10bi at 5nl, but by watching PSO vids instead you'll be solidly at 10nl soon enough, so you've got options


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                Just done 50 vpps in an hour, so it is possible but i cba to do it i would rather improve my game and then make more money when i come back with more experience.

                Nearly rolled for 10nl need one more stack so maybe i could move up, i don't know if im ready for 10nl yet though, that 20k hand ive done at 11bb/100 could just be some run good.


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                  What a day 5nl zoom is so easy on the week ends, dont think i got a chance of getting those 1k vpps though im not even close.


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                    Very nice graph Mike! Good jobumbup: Remember, the bottom line is about profits, not vpp's. John (JWK24)

                    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                      Very nice graph, Mike. It's not just the weekend, it's the holidays! Lots of casual players are stuck home from work with nothing to do but give away their money to the regs.
                      Some sick variance (both good and bad) can be expected with so many unknown recreationals hitting the tables. I'm having one of my worst downswings ever, but I'm having a good laugh at some of the terrible suckouts.
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