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99 in SB vs button 4bet. coordinated board

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  • 99 in SB vs button 4bet. coordinated board

    villain unknown (HUD not active. Checked him afterwards: vpip 27/pfr 23/3bet% 0 in 38 hands) Hero holds PRE Villain bets 2,5BB on btn Hero 3bets 7BB from SB Villain 4bets 22BB Hero calls I 3betted small because his bet was small too. I was very hesitant to call the 4bet. would fold this 8 out of 10 times, but this was one of those moments I felt lucky and hoped for a set. Flop rainbow Woot, a set. Darn, coordinated board. Didn't think he would connect to this board often and I did think that he believed I wouldn't hit it too so I donkbet big to look like I was (semi)bluffing with AJ, QQ or alike. Is this a good line? Villain calls. Turn Massive scare card...but I figured it was more of a scare card for him than for me. I don't think 10A, 10K or 10Q are in his 4bet-range. JJ would have raised flop. Betting small of 1/3 pot looked weird to me and would potcommited me anyway so I shoved. Bad play ?? Should I be betting small for more value? Should I check/call and maybe shove river? I had no interest in the river at all, so yet an other reason to try to end the hand right here

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    I think you played it pretty well.

    Pre is loose, and like you said, not something you would do too often. And without reads.

    On the flop, I think there is a very good chance, given how pre flop went, that he has an overpair or AK. As with AK he has missed, he might check it behind, we lose value, particularly if the board turns scarier for him. We can also see more cards we dont like the look of. Unless he is one of the more educated micro players or a nit then his overpairs are not going anywhere and we get value.

    I dont think the turn changes a lot here and you are right that any other bet than a shove would just look weird. A shove isnt even a huge bet anywway here so I think it is fine.

    So yeah, I like how you played it, its not the only way to play it. I'd possibly just have called his initial bet pre but I dont see the end result being too different other than it would possibly have taken until the river to get the money in.


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      Preflop - I don't think your 3Bet is small, it's basically 3x, a pretty normal 3Bet size. FWIW I think both calling and 3Betting are fine but I prefer the 3Bet with a high pocket pair like 99 that you don't just have to play to set mine. I'd be more inclined to just call with say 22-55.

      I think calling the 4Bet is a pretty big mistake. You're out of position and you're not getting the odds to setmine (something like 20 to 1 are the required odds to setmine OOP). Also people at 5NL very rarely 4Bet, so I'd be pretty concerned that he had a monster.

      Flop - I like the donkbet. If villain has an overpair, he's never folding and probably shoving. If you check and he's sat there with AK then he's likely just going to check and there are some turn cards that you probably won't like too much.

      Turn - I doubt villain 4Bets JJ preflop but if he did, I don't necessarily think he would've shoved the flop, he might've just slowplayed anticipating you to bet OTT. Again I doubt villain 4Bets TT but I think he would call the flop bet if he did.

      I wouldn't be too concerned about him holding TT and would expect him to hold QQ-AA most often, maybe JJ although there are fewer combos of this. Therefore I think shoving for value is spot on; betting any less just looks very strange when you have less than a pot-sized bet behind and you are pot committed anyway.

      Even if villain does have a T, you've still got ten outs


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        tnx andrew



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