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5NL Reg Table - AQo vs Unknown LP raise

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  • 5NL Reg Table - AQo vs Unknown LP raise

    How's my line and ranging of villain here. He is unknown but I tended to regard him as a fishy player without any real reason to do so. Pre, villain min bets and then calls my raise, I'm thinking he probably has some small and medium pairs, some suited and connected cards. No premium pairs or AKo/AKs. On two tone flop and a safe looking turn card I fire on both streets and when he calls I am considering him to be on a flush draw. I cant totally discount straights based on what I have seen some people show up with, but I think its a small part of his range. On the river, nothing that wasn't already there has got there. I find it hard to believe he called down with TT, but, who knows. I dont find it likely he called with 45 combo's and flopped a straight. I think I get more action pre from AK. He could have raggy Aces such as A2/A3 but again I think I probably get more action from him on the flop and turn if this is the case. I check river to give him the chance to bluff a hand that couldnt call a bet, namely, missed hearts. When he does so, I feel I have to call. Sound reasonable?

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    If we are checking the river, we pretty much have to call.

    Triple barreling also has it's merits if he's passive.


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      I very much like the fact that you had a plan and were willing to follow through with it, it shows you are thinking about situations.

      Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
      I think I get more action pre from AK
      I'd still keep AK in villain's range. I think a lot of people would just call a 3Bet from the SB with AK as they will have position.

      The turn card is a brick and doesn't change either of your hand strengths in 99% of cases. Therefore you have to consider what you think you are trying to get value from. If you think that he is still going to call with Ax or a draw, then I'd definitely bet bigger to try and get more value now as he might not be able to withstand three barrels with some PP. Also if he is on a draw, you want to get paid now before he misses and won't pay you anymore. I also wouldn't rule out him calling two streets with 88-QQ, some people are stubborn! I'd bet something like $1.10, I doubt this will scare him anymore than $0.89 does.

      This river spot is interesting. I agree with most of your analysis. However AT just got there and I would put this in an unknown villain's range. So out of villain's A-high hands you are losing to AK, AT, A3, A2 (8+6+6+4=24 combos) and beating AJ, A9-A4 (7*6=42 combos), giving you 68% chance of winning the hand. If you think villain is only calling your 3Bet Preflop with AT+, your equity drops to 39%. Of course I am ignoring missed draws and other made hands but I guess these roughly cancel out.

      So if you think your opponent is pretty loose and will call three barrels with say A5, then I would just shove for value. Otherwise I would just check/call and give him a chance to bluff his missed draws.



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