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Calling All-In preflop

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  • Calling All-In preflop

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm begginer with the game. Would any of you call all-in preflop with QQ or any great pocket pairs such as JJ,KK or AA? I would like to know, if that's a stupid mistake to call it in case, you don't know what's your opponent holding. Thank you in advance for you answers.


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    Hi KingJelimán! I'll call with AA and KK for sure. QQ is a maybe and will depend on the way the opp is playing (most likely calling unless I have a note on them saying they only shove AA or KK). JJ, I don't like calling shoves with as it's a made hand, but can be very marginal. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Originally posted by KingJelimán View Post
      I'm sorry if this is a stupid question... KingJelimán
      KJ, no honest question is ever stupid. Asking questions and applying the resulting advice is cheaper than learning at the school of hard knocks.

      If you get a stoopid answer just ignore it.


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        As with most poker questions, the answer is "it depends". One of the many factors to consider is stacksize. In a full ring cash game with stacks of greater than 100bb, I'm not often getting all in pre-flop with anything but KK+, but in a 6-max game against someone playing a 40bb stack, it's fairly standard to get it in with JJ or AK, as well as QQ+. In a tournament, stacks are likely to be much shallower. It would often be a huge mistake to not stack off QQ, if the effective stack was less than 20bb, primarily because a villain can get pot-committed with a worse hand, and you probably won't get another great chance of a double up while you have a playable stack.

        If you have a play around with the PSO odds calculator, you can get an idea of how well hands play when all in.
        For a first example, assign a range to your villain of QQ+/AK, and give yourself the range AA. When you evaluate that, you'll find that AA beats QQ+/AK more than 80% of the time. It's therefore massively profitable to get all in pre-flop with AA, even when villain has a strong range. Put QQ, JJ or AK against that same QQ+/AK range, and suddenly you're an underdog, with around 40% equity (You'll only win 4 times out of 10).
        When a pocket pair goes against a bigger pair, it's a 4:1 underdog; a spot you really don't want to be in. If you have kings or aces, you're much more likely to be a big favourite. Not only should you almost never fold pre-flop with KK/AA, but you should try and get all in at the earliest opportunity, usually by making standard 3-bets/4-bets/5-bets to build the pot, and perhaps inducing a villain to go all in with worse. With a hand like jacks, you'll usually be better off keeping the pot small pre-flop, in the hope you'll flop a set or an overpair. If you happened to call an all in shove when you have JJ, you're sometimes a bit ahead (racing with AK/AQ) but are just as likely to be crushed by QQ+.
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