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2nl 6 Max Zoom KK (to the river)!

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  • 2nl 6 Max Zoom KK (to the river)!

    Pretty standard up to possibly the turn/river, i think his flop calling range improves him a lot especially with a raise at this level being so strong. Still think calling is good against his range? and on the river i think to bet that big he has to be going for value not much im beating. Ads

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    Bet bigger on flop and turn.

    Otherwise I don't mind the call turn / fold river line.


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      Preflop play is fine.

      You've got an overpair on a pretty dry flop, so I think your flop CBet is also fine. I'd probably make it $0.16 myself but you don't need to go bigger than this. If you know that villain is a calling station or if he has a very low fold to flop CBet, then you can take advantage of your opponent's tendencies and bet a size closer to pot.

      I definitely think your turn Cbet is too small. Your opponent has now shown interest in the hand and you want to get full value from Jx, T9, 8x etc. I'd make it between $0.35-$0.40.

      Once villain raises, there is definitely a case for just folding as part of a bet/fold line. However is bet is so small that you should call and see what he does on the river.

      And of course the river is a horrible card. I think check/folding is the best play here, particularly when opponent bets pot on the river. It makes so much sense that he has Tx, he was calling with some gutshot or maybe just high cards OTF, min raised OTT when he hit his pair and made a huge bet when he runner-runnered trips.

      Well played!



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