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99 on BU

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  • 99 on BU

    I cant work out whats the best line here.

    Lets say i open 99 on BU and i get called by the BB whos fairly tight.

    Lets say he will flat PP and suited broadways/ some offsuit broadways.

    Flop comes A88r

    If i bet nothing worse calls

    If i check theres plenty of hands that can outdraw me like QJ KQ PP that can spike a set.

    So if i was to bet im gonna get called by Ax JJ QQ TT, so what are we doing then check folding or are we gonna turn our hand into a bluff and barrel a K to fold out everything except Ax?

    Then the other option would be to check back and fold every time he leads the turn because you would expect him to give up on 22-77.

    Does that look about right? Personally i prefer a flop bet but then how do we play the turn unimproved.

    What if the flop had a flush draw would we turn nines into a bluff on all turned flush draws as well or should we try and show it down?

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    9 or 6 tables? At 9 handed they are more likely to have a hand than 6.

    Effective stacks?

    Your image? If you're a LAG from the button unopened and they didn't 3-bet they seem passive. What will they 3-bet you with?


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      Originally posted by TrumpinJoe View Post
      9 or 6 tables? At 9 handed they are more likely to have a hand than 6.

      Effective stacks?

      Your image? If you're a LAG from the button unopened and they didn't 3-bet they seem passive. What will they 3-bet you with?
      Its 6max, i didnt want to include 3 betting because i was just thinking about if were playing against a calling range.

      Obviously the range i gave wouldnt be his exact flatting range i would expect him to 3bet some of that range but you cant just discount QQ because he flatted i don't think and i know some players prefer to 3bet hands like AQo OOP rather than flat.

      As for image im just going off stats like say im opening 99 vs someone i haven't really played much at zoom but hes running like 21/18 or something similar so he wont be able to just think im monkeying it off with 99 because my stats are fairly similar to 21/18 as well, so i wouldn't put me in the category of a lag.

      Its like the same with a fish if i check instead of betting im letting him see a free card with QJ, so i think if hes a fish that likes to see alot of flops and x/f the flop alot its best to bet but against one that will float OOP with any broad way your just building a pot you just wont win often enough.

      But if your against a reg im not so sure of the best line because he might raise with some combos of the broadway type hands as a bluff and hes gonna flat some Ax and some other pairs higher than the 8, so what im saying is whats gonna be the most profitable line in the long run bet flop and try and get to showdown, bet flop and some turns and try and move him off of mid pairs above 88 or check flop and fold every time he leads the turn because if he has 22-77 and i would expect him to fold most of them pre but lets say he did flat those pairs it wouldn't be the best line for him to lead the turn with them because if im checking an ace high flop he is gonna have to fire some rivers as well to move me off my hand.

      So if thats the case then what he should be doing is leading the turn with turned back doors and hands better than 99 so in that case i should just x/f?

      Does that make sense basically i got a hand with some showdown value that probably wont be good at showdown alot but is probably the best hand on the flop but you cant do noting about it unless you want to risk some more money to barrel him off some hands.

      Which i got no problems with as long as im ranging him correctly when they call the flop and im barreling the right turns.


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        what do you mean fairly tight. if it is a nit i would bet the flop and if I get called i would give up.. If he ia a sticky reg who tends to call flop cbes often I would check the flop and if he checks the turn again i would bet the turn because i assume it is very unlikely to check twice with a good hand. if he calls i would check/fold river because we are most likely behind. that ia how I would play, but take in consideration that i come from micros


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          Yh i would take the same line vs a nit, so your saying to check flop and only bet the turn when checked to vs a tag. You could be right maybe il give this line ago it might bring my aggression down abit lol.


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            Good and observant regs will attack a capped range (ie you always check 99 on Axx).

            To avoid this you'll need to balance your checking range and include some stronger hands like Ax, sets, two pairs etc.

            This will make you less exploitable and harder to play against.


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              I think betting and checking are both fine, so you can mix it up. By betting, you can get a villain off hands that have equity against you (KQ etc), and this also makes the hand easier to play if you get called (you're often behind, so can check turn and fold to river bet). You can also check sometimes if you think it will induce villain to bluff on the turn. You could call all turn bets (or bet it yourself if villain checks), but then you have to make a decision on the river. If villain is unlikely to bet turn and river without a hand that beats 99, then you can fold the river after only putting money in on one street. If he's likely to bet flush draws on the turn and then also bet the river as a bluff, you can hero-call. (If he has showdown value, with something like QJ that turns or rivers a pair, he'll often check, so you lose the minimum when you're beat).

              FWIW, I agree with birdday about checking back some Ax hands to balance with your other checking hands (QQ/JJ etc). In fact, on boards like A88, I check back almost all my Ax hands, as I think it's a good way to get two streets of value from worse.
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                I'm with Arty. I'll be more inclined to check Ax there and bet 99. 99 it's probably the best hand at the moment but a hand that needs protection. So i bet there not to give free cards. If you get a fold it's a good result.



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