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is my line good? zoom no info

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  • is my line good? zoom no info

    iz my line good? at the end it looks like yes

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    I think we should be folding or 3betting pre.

    Once we reach the flop, we have nothing, and call an 80% bet. I'd fold there. We hit an ace on the turn, but have no kicker, if we called with nothing and improved on the turn we feel obliged to call again. On the river we beat total bluffs and A3/A5 and A7. You caught his bluff this time but against someone barrelling every street I don't think calling down like this is good at all.


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      I fold pre mostly, but will 3-bet if I have a read on villain (e.g. he calls with worse often and folds to c-bets, or folds to 3-bets often).
      As played, the float out of position is too fancy and not recommended. Although ace high has some showdown value, villain can have better ace highs than yours. Just fold on the flop.
      Doing a lot of calling, both pre-flop and post-flop - especially when OOP - just isn't a profitable way to play.
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        As the other guys have said, calling pre is just not an option. I prefer a 3 bet read dependent.


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          Originally posted by Danutz75 View Post
          As the other guys have said, calling pre is just not an option. I prefer a 3 bet read dependent.
          I'm afraid I don't agree with this that calling is not an option.

          I think calling preflop has it's merits - we close the action, we are likely ahead of villain's button stealing range (which we keep wide by just calling) and it keeps the pot a bit smaller. I would be tempted to call with hands both stronger than this and those hands like suited connectors/pocket pairs that can set mine. As you start to play your opponents more regularly and move up stakes, mixing up your calling/3Bet range will be a very useful skill to acquire.

          However we have an easily dominated hand and are out of position so against an unknown so 3Betting would be my main option here and hope to take down his steal. You can fold to a nitty/tight player who rarely steals but otherwise I think A8 is just too strong to fold against most people's button stealing range.

          On the flop I think floating OOP is really bad. You never have reads on your opponents so I don't know you can be confident in floating OOP when you have no idea how often they fire a Flop Cbet and/or a second barrel, how tight their preflop stealing range is etc.

          As played I think check/calling T and R is optimal, but I would also expect villain to show up with a fair amount of Ax, of which you are only beating A3 and A5, you are losing to everything else.



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