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Best/Worst day's to play Zoom?

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  • Best/Worst day's to play Zoom?

    I'm just wondering what day's you think are the best/worst. I've always heard that playing at the weekend is the best time because there's so many "fish" playing.
    The funny thing is the weekend's are where I lose more money. nearly always gets it in good and get sucked out on by the river or slowrolled by someone who didn't 3bet like JJ+ (good damn i hate them people)
    Anyway it take's me the rest of the week to rebuild what I lose on a Friday and Sunday.the weekend downsing
    what is your experience with this?

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    Cant quite explain why Saturdays seem to be so much worse than the other days but there you go.

    EDIT: Actually, that is 2NL/4NL/5NL. I actually remember having some horrible Saturday sessions at 5NL Zoom FR. That probably accounts for the majority.


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      Funnily enough I agree with you guys, Saturdays are far bigger variance and I tend to lose a lot on Saturdays while I make steady profit Monday to Friday. My best day tends to be Tuesday but not sure why that is. But yeh I avoid playing Saturdays altogether and I stick to mostly tourney's on Sundays also.

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        The best days to play are gonna be the weekend and at night. But we have to understand that variance can go both ways. Monday to friday you can have a steady grind because you are playing against regulares that just don't play high variance game style. At night, with all the recreational players it can go really crazy, but in the long term you are gonna be more profitable playing with them because you play better poker.
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          Thanks for the reply peep's,much appreciated for the foreseeable future I'm just not going to play on Fridays and Sundays since they've been so harsh but i'll start playing them eventually just maybe the regular table's instead of zoom to just find the really bad players and exploit them


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            What is use is that on weekend you need to be aggro with good hands and you ll be more paid off. Example a loose passive limps and I have a good hand so I raise 8bb and keep pushing, I have a good hand and there is a drawy board I pot it.

            On weekdays I play more standard and more solid though cause at showdown usually you need a better hand.



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              I charted the percentage of regulars at 2nl 6max Zoom for a couple of months last year. I didn't get enough data points to produce anything conclusive, but the results may be of interest.

              I took the number of regulars (for this purpose I defined a reg as anyone playing 4 tables of Zoom), multiplied by 4 (to get number of instances) and divided it into the total current player pool, to give the percentage of opponents you would face who are 4tabling regs. I managed about 6 or 7 data points for each two hour slot (European Time) for each day of the week, which is not enough to iron out some anomalies, but still gives an interesting picture.

              Fridays and Sundays come out quite low in terms of regs, mostly because of an increased player pool total. Saturdays don't look so good but this could just be a sample size issue. What is noticable though is how consistently the percentage of regs peaks in the daytime and dwindles in evenings as you might expect. Not surprising, but good to have some factual confirmation of this effect.


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                This is interesting about number of playing regs. Thats why i prefer playing evenings/nights coz on daytime there are mostly regs, but at night a lot of canadian loose players join in, when its obv day or afternoon or whateva time for em. And i dont see why you would stop playing on weekends, i mean, regs wont call 3 barrels with second pair, or draw to non not flush on paired brd, etc. At least not often enough.



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