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NL5 FR: Rivered two pair, bad beat or bad play?

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  • NL5 FR: Rivered two pair, bad beat or bad play?

    Hi guys, this is the first hand I post on the forums apart from those on my BR Builder thread. Here is a hand where I am wondering if it is a bad beat or a stupid play. Here is the hand: So I have QT in the cutoff and I decide to raise. Big Blind calls. I flop second pair and make a small c-bet. He calls. He checks to me I check back. The river comes a Q and he shoves into me. Thinking back, maybe I should have folded to his shove. Especially since he called pre-flop. Weird though. I have seen him call to the river with 54o when he had missed his open ender on a Jd 7h 6s Ad 2c. He called a 2/3 pot size bet on the river with nothing. P.S. Thank you PSO for making me a better poker player!

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    You mentioned that you have seen him calling down with nothing previously.

    Is your read on him then that he is pretty passive in general?

    If so, then without the nuts, I would try and fold here. Passive players shoving is generally a monster hand.


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      yh this is a pretty bad call, so much beats us here it really isn't worth the risk.


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        Hi Slammerman,

        Nice to see that you graduated through the Bankroll Builder and now you're playing 0.02/0.05 stakes!

        I like the preflop raise and the sizing, it's good to widen your range from late position.

        I also like the continuation bet on the flop, but I'd make it a bit bigger, something like $0.20 as I want my opponent to think I'm betting for value with a K. Also it's important to charge the villain for his draws if he has a hand like QJ, 79 or a flush draw.

        If your opponent is passive and likes to call down with little, then I'd actually CBet the turn as well as our pair of tens are likely still the best hand and we still want to charge him for his draws. If he called and a blank river came, we can just see a showdown on the river.

        As played, villain massively overbets the river all in. You've learnt one of the most reliable microstakes tells the hard way.

        “River donks and river raises are the nuts”

        Especially when people overbet the pot on the river - they always have the nuts or very close to it. It looks like a bluff but it is always for value.

        Don't feel too bad about making the call - I know I've made several calls like this when moving through the limits and every PSO member will have made a call like this at some point!

        I'd recommend reading ArtySmokes' Blog for some more theorems and maxims that are very useful for overcoming the microstakes


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          Thank You

          Thank you for your quick replies. I will definitely check out ArtySmokes' blog.



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