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wut would u do postflop? zoom

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  • wut would u do postflop? zoom

    watching at it now, i could have easily just checkcall river since he just minbet preflop from SB to steal my BB...
    but i was playing 4 zoom tables so dat escape my attention

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    If you're going to steal from the Small Blind, I'd make it slightly bigger than a minraise because if you get called, you'll have to play the pot OOP. Therefore you want to make it more expensive to call. I normally make it 2.5x or $0.12 in this case.

    I'm not sure why you bet pot on OTF. If you bet something like $0.13, his action will be identical to if you make it $0.21. You might as well achieve the same results for a cheaper price.

    I'd call the raise like you did, you've also got some backdoor straight equity as well as the flush draw.

    OTT I'd play it like you did, although I think the villain very much likes his hand judging by the bet sizing.

    A very interesting river turned up. I think villain's most likely holdings are some two pair, most likely T9, or a set (very likely 55, I think he'd raise 99/TT Preflop). He could also have QT or Q9 but this is relatively unlikely as you have a Q blocker. Other possibilities are J8 or a missed flush draw. I think he'd check back Tx or QJ.

    You're getting slightly worse than 2.5-1 on a call which means you have to be correct ~41% of the time for this call to be profitable. I think this is really close. If you think villain is capable of calling preflop with T5 or 95 and/or you think he'd play a missed flush draw this strongly, then I'd call. Otherwise against an unknown villain who's showing such strength, I doubt we're good 41% of the time.

    I wrote the above before I saw what you did on the river - that's really spewy I'm afraid. You're not achieving much by raising here other than charging yourself extra when he does have a better two pair+.


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      One thing that I noted in several of your recent posts is you are happy to raise pre and call 3 bets.

      Think you should be looking at this as there could definitely be arguments made for raising bigger pre, and 4 betting.


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        Originally posted by spand42 View Post
        You're getting slightly worse than 2.5-1 on a call which means you have to be correct ~41% of the time for this call to be profitable.
        Um, pot lays a price that translates to 29.1%. Villain would have to overbet the pot for us to ever need more than 33% equity.
        I check-call there, but I think we won't be good much more than 30% of the time.
        Bracelet Winner


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          yes, i would have checkcall (when i replayed the hand) but wasnt focusing cuz played 4 zoom :S


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            Yes you're right of course Arty, definitely a maths fail there on my part...



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