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88 3bet pot

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  • 88 3bet pot

    Villain is unknown So i flop a set after calling a 3bet and he checks the flop, so i think he either has a monster or he might do this with QQ KK. On the turn i decide to check back normally i would bet and i think it was a mistake to check as KK and QQ with a club will call and can suck out on me. On the river he leads and i decide to raise with my boat hoping he checked a flush draw on the flop, and he puts in a raise at this point i think i should fold, i doubt he would jam a flush and all i beat is a light 3bet of A4s and lose to JJ AA and 44 if he 3bets those vs a BU steal. I think this is a case of auto piloting monster hands.

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    Standard spot.

    Could have bet the turn for reasons you mentioned.

    on the river I do not think its a fold to his raise, personally I am never folding this boat to an unknown.

    You have to par $3/$9.60, with a boat. if he has it then he has it. otherwise I dont think those odds are too bad...he could be doing this with any AJ if he is a recreational player


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      Hi Mike,

      I definitely prefer to bet the turn, as KK/QQ with a club would love to get a free card while those same hands without one probably won't put any more money in the pot on the river unless they draw out on us, so we don't mind them folding so much in light of that.

      I doubt he plays a flush this way across all streets. I don't mind raising but I think we should do so small, so that Ax which had been pot controlling feels compelled to pay us of, as well as KK/QQ. Those are really the hands we should be targeting. When he 3b jams, it seems very likely he was slow playing AA or JJ on the flop. Pretty hard to fold in this spot but it is certainly not an auto stack off/shrug imo. Not readless any more, he played his AA pretty horribly to minimize his value, so not a good player and slow plays monsters. The way he played his hand, he makes the bare minimum against all but 2nd best monster hands.
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