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10NL : KK facing turn check-raise

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  • 10NL : KK facing turn check-raise

    Villain is 62/24 (83 hands), c/r on Turn is 29%. When he check.minraises is calling worst option here? Should I either fold or shove?

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    I dont like the turn cb sizing.

    maybe around 1.30, to keep draws in, by your stats you have, it seems he is a recreational player, so let him think he should pay the price to get there.

    also you do not want to bet pot and he x/r you 3x or all in, you will have invested too much.

    That play is standard in zoom, so refrain betting pot, even with strong hands imo.

    when he x/r. its seriously a tough spot.

    from experience I would be very likely folding

    My line here would be bet/check/bet.

    (precisely for the fact that i do not want to get x/r on turn by villain)
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      I hate the bet on the flop, think the brakes should have slammed on here. (this was my instant reaction before I saw the outcome btw)


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        I do not think betting the flop is a bad play against unknowns at 10NL. However, my plan would be to insta fold to a check raise at any point in the hand. As played, the turn is not a tough spot, it is an easy fold. The line I prefer here is be to bet flop as you did and continue with a smallish barrel OTT intending to gain value from all PPs - especially the ones with a club and hands like X ... I believe a weaker player would be more than happy to pay us off with those hands and is super unlikely to raise for protection or as a bluff. Bet 50% and once you get raised fold because his range to raise you OTT is too strong and you can only improve with 2 cards out of which 1 - will scare most of his value hands and so there are almost no implied odds to get paid off big. Against regs or better players you need to check either flop or turn because there is much less value to be gained and you are opening yourself up to get bluffed. In this case I think checking back flop and calling turn to decide on river is the best play.


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          What Tommy said.


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            Hey carl, I would start off with close to a pot bet OTF as a lot of hands will be able to give us action here, especially given the villain type in the SB. OTT I would fold to his check/raise as your line has been very strong for a board like this and it used to be a multiway pot which typically makes aggressive lines on later streets stronger. We do have a couple of FH redraws but I would definitely like continuing on turn more if we had the . If I were to continue OTT because of reads on villain I would mostly call to keep his range as wide as possible. I feel that shoving will overplay our hand most of the time even if villain is fishy enough to make stubborn calls.
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