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2NL 6 Max AQ in SB v MP Raiser

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  • 2NL 6 Max AQ in SB v MP Raiser

    Almost certainly a standard hand, and not too much to analyse, but I think I generally play draws horribly so want to make sure I played this one right. Not too much info on the original raiser, 21/18 over 35 hands with Ag of 3.0, so he is fairly aggressive pre and post but not even close to maniacal. No fold to 3bet stat. Pre, I preferred to just call, I didn't know much about him and I have a big suited Ace. I didn't want to 3bet fold or GII pre so took this line. On the flop, without flopping the absolute nuts, I feel I have flopped just about the best I can have hoped to. OESD/FD and a BDRFD. The last one is a bit hopeful but I am still waiting on a Royal Flush. Its absolutely standard to get it in here against anyone, isn't it? I figure to have so much hand equity against almost anything he is willing to get it in with. Against flopped sets I still have 40%. Against top two, its a flip? Against a flopped straight, its also a flip? Using the PSO odds calculator, against his opening range, I figure to be a heavy favourite. If I did it right.

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    Well played Bhoy.

    I like the flat call preflop against an unknown.

    Your flop play is also very good - like you say, you have so much equity even if V5 has flopped a monster. Even if villain ONLY has the nuts (KQ), you are still only a 43/57 underdog, so it's actually slightly worse if he has flopped a set.

    Your hand equity + your fold equity with the check/raise makes this a clear check/raise with the intention of getting it all in OTF.


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      Thanks Andy.

      Villain showed up with Q8d for a flopped straight. So cant blame him for getting it in on that flop.

      EDIT: Accidentally marked this for evaluation again. Whoops


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        As it turns out you were pretty much a dead even coin flip against his specific holding!

        I think you both played it well - he also has to get the chips in the middle to protect against your draws.



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