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50NL FR : 3B KQo from SB vs villain player type : call Turn jam with K high?

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  • 50NL FR : 3B KQo from SB vs villain player type : call Turn jam with K high?

    Hi All Was reviewing how I played KQ and AQ in non-showdown 3BPs and came across this one. Info on villain: -18/14 FR regular from what I have seen -plays 40BB buyin style -CO open 33% -1K~sample size I decided to 3B this hand (and looking back at it) with no plan at all. Would like comments on taking a particular line with a villain with these traits. I should have considered his fold to a resteal from CO = 0% (6). FlopAF was 3.2, and TurnAF=0.9 and RiverAF=0. From being a 40BB player, I think these AF stats would always show Flop much higher than T or R. His XR, and Re-Reraise stats on flop are quite crazy in SRP and 3BPs. His Turn XR stats were all 0 (although there had been only 6 opportunities). I have 2.58:1 to make the call, so need approx 38.6% equity to be BE. Reviewing this hand, and since he is calling 100% of all 3B IP, and also 3B OOP., I ranged the combinations that he infact has no ace or sets, as he would not delay cbet these hands with his style of play. To balance this, I did leave with combos of T in his range. So this leaves with: 0 combos of 2 pair 12 combos of 1 pair, second pocket pair 48 combons of 1 pair, middle pair or worse 36 combos of 1 pair low pocket pair, 3rd or worse 4 combos of 1 pair, low pair, 3rd of worse 22 combos of nothing 37 combos of a gutshot draw 0 combo of nut flush draw 10 combo of 2 card flush draw. And infact it shows my equity at 38.25% So when he checks back the flop on an A high-broadway-2 tone board, and XR jams on my delayed Cbet with a dead turn card, is this a spot to call with K high based on villain's Turn stats? (I say dead turn card, and although a spade drops on the turn, I generally do not consider about flush boards in a 3BP) Not really looking for discussion if I should have called or folded preflop. Thanks for the comments!
    Last edited by Marc Rae; Sun Dec 22, 2013, 07:26 AM. Reason: Changed flop to pre-flop. "Not really looking for discussion if I should have called or folded preflop."

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    I think you can get away with a bit smaller 3-bet sizing pre-flop, given that the villain's on a shorter stack and that way you can bet/fold a lot easier on the flop and still shouldn't have too much difficulty getting full value by the river on different boards.

    Anyways, I'm still bet/folding this flop almost always...the exception being if the villain's the nitty/trappy type that has proven to flat big hands in late position in the past, then I might just check-fold.

    Check-folding is pretty weak and check-calling is pretty much a just sucks to give up the lead in the hand and open ourselves up to get bluffed off the best hand. I'm not so sure why you rule Ax out of the villains range...I think many players might check back AQ/AJ/Arag thinking that they're in a way ahead/way behind situation and then on the turn, just jam because they have a pair and don't really know what to do. Anyways, gl!


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      Thanks for the feedback Frosty!

      Do agree re: 3 bet sizing pre. I use shortcuts so it's easier, and it's a set amount from PS hotkeys for 3B based on a 3x open. I could set 2 different values of 3B with different keys. But starts to get confusing with all the keys (have been known to misclick allin shortcut as a fold a few times with very raggy hands and have been looked up)

      Back OT, but seeing I at least wanted to take the lead on the turn, and folded to his jam.. it may have been less of a decision for me to fold if I were to take the bet/fold line on the as you mentioned. His range here is very wide anyway, so take the lead on flop.

      Villan is proven aggro post flop, which was the reason for the missed cbet on flop, seeing that he would certainly bet out this flop IP... but didn't anyway - was the reason I took out an A in his range when calculating equity.

      Thanks again!



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