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zoom no info, fun hand

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  • zoom no info, fun hand

    one funny hand..
    could have i even raise river?

  • #2
    Bet turn, bet river.
    Bracelet Winner


    • #3
      Why are you checking flop and turn? That is just horrible.


      • #4
        As the others pointed out, you played this hand really passive and it cost you quite a lot of potential value.

        I actually don't mind check/calling the flop. You can't rule out QQ-AA or sets from V4's range and I don't really fancy betting into him with one other villain still also yet to act.

        However once it's checked around I think you must start betting for value. Everyone has had a chance to act and V2 chose not to lead after seeing V4 check. Therefore you should bet about $0.40 to get value from 6x, 3x, flush draws, straight draws, maybe and 8x and lower PPs.

        As played, V4 did your value betting for you. I think check-raising is possible but it's such a strange line to take. I wouldn't know how to react to this if I was V4 but I'd be inclined to raise as your actions make little sense.

        Anyway as played, all the draws (except 79) have missed so I would absolutely bet this river for value, I'd probably make it $0.99. Again, someone else does your value betting for you so at least you get paid something.

        The key to beating microstakes - Value, Value, Value!


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          is it good to still check turn and lead out river if it comes safe card like that? cuz im getting horrible river cards all the time which for example here will be or and i will definitely have to fold such river and if i bet turn big, i would have to checkfold such river (especially when both call turn) and would lose so much.. it just happens to me crazy amount of time like i had , reraised preflop and flop comes and i go like big bet flop+turn and river comes and im like and checkfold



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