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wut to do on turn? zoom no info

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  • wut to do on turn? zoom no info

    should have checked behind and fold river on the turn?
    i thought if i could make him fold some hands on that turn, or was worried that if i hit my flush/8/Q then that he will fold river to my push, but probably he wont since he is OOP so he would rather push himself

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    It's a fold on the 3 bet
    As per other hand you post, I see that you like to go fishing for flush....that or you like to spew money.


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      I think I fold to the 3-bet pre, because you're not really deep enough to speculate with a suited ace. (Top pair is unlikely to be good with a 9 kicker, unless this guy routinely 3-bets light with hands like A4s).

      As played, you have a strong enough draw to just call on the flop. You could bink one of your outs on the turn, or you might get a free card if villain slows down with something like AQ. (If villain checks turn, you can either take the free card, or exercise the float play).

      Raising the flop as a semi-bluff only really makes sense if villain folds pretty often. But he 3-bet pre. TT+ and AJ are all in his range, so the only hands you'll get him off are AK/AQ (which might stick around with gutshot and 2 overs) and light 3-bet hands that you're already beating.
      Don't bloat the pot with a bluff if villain is seldom folding better hands than yours.
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        This is a six max cash so my 2 main 2 points would be, 4 bet pre and shove flop.

        Ignore these people telling you that your fishing, because in both cases you are ahead on the flop. As not only have you a flush but an inside straight draw and the 9 live too. If you shove most the time you pick up the pot there and then, and if you don't you are favorite anyway. There are a lot of hands he simply can not fold to your raise on the flop. A shove is mighty hard to call though


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          Hi guys,

          I think our default preflop play here should be to fold to a 3b, so without any reads that is my play. I don't mind a 4b/fold line with A9 vs. a guy who 3b resteals, when we get that read.

          Once we see the flop, we have so much equity I do prefer shoving. We might be able to get some hands to fold, Arty mentions AK/AQ. Yes, and there are 24 combos of those. TT-AA there are only 21 combos of. So even if his entire 3b range pre is TT+/AQ+, over half those combos have missed! That could be quite a few folds our shove gets. Against TT-AA all of which I think will call mostly, we have 46% equity (the sets hurt us as we're a 2-1 dog to them, but we're favorite over QQ and KK with 2 cards to come). So it's pretty hard to go wrong with shoving the flop... $1.35 to take down immediately when he folds, which could happen almost as much as half the time, and 46% equity vs. his probable calling range.

          And one last point in favor of shoving... that 46% equity we have vs. his calling range, we realize it and maximize it. If we are not all in on the flop, we may not be able to continue on blank turns if he bets enough. And when we get there, the card that brings us home may scare him away from paying us off at the same time... a problem we don't have when his money is already in the middle.
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            Dave's right. I put this one into Equilab after posting, and you're close to flipping with villain's value range, so shipping is fine.
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              Originally posted by ArtySmokesPS View Post
              Dave's right. I put this one into Equilab after posting, and you're close to flipping with villain's value range, so shipping is fine.
              shipping turn is good too or u meant flop-shipping?


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                Originally posted by NaturoSasuki View Post
                shipping turn is good too or u meant flop-shipping?

                Flop, you can't ship turn.



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