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10NL 6-max, AKhh

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  • 10NL 6-max, AKhh

    Hi, I'd like to know handle this situation and what my thoughts should be in te different streets. I tend to click too fast and not really think before I make a decission Alle the villains are LAG, about 35/25, and especially villain 5 with a 3bt perc of 15 The questions are: 1, PRF: should I 4bet? I tend to get passive with so many players in the pot. 2. PRF: If i 4 bet what should my sizing be? 3. Flop: fold/call/raise? Looking back at it I think raising is pretty pointless. Cosidering the almost potsize bet and his stack villain 2 is probably not going to fold. And for building the pot it's useless because then maybe I should want to keep everybody in the pot. And folding...I do't looks so pretty Flush and straightdraw. 4. Flop: if I had called the flop, should I then stick with it or fold to a shove? I think if I got called I wouldn't fold anymore....maybe I would on the turn if the turn was a blank for me, bit then I think the pot would have been so big a call would be more correct even then So what I did on the flop was just think I'm not going to fold anymore so just shove not much thinking and not even taking the time tot think about it. A tip for how to take it slower would be nice to. Sometimes I try to take my hand of the mouse to slow me down....but after a couple of hands I'm just clicking away again
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    1. I prefer calling w/ AKs because it plays much better multiway.
    2. If you were to 4b, I would make it $3.5 due to the amount of callers in the pot.
    3. With the amount of money out there we may as well get it in OTF. We have a tonne of equity vs a HEAP of hands, and risk losing the majority of the equity if the turn bricks, of which we are already committed.


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      Hi unha,

      If they're all LAGgy, and V5 3-bets light, then I favor a large 4b here preflop. I mean AKs plays fine multi-way but the pot is very bloated now and part of "playing fine" is having the ability to do some post flop maneuvering too, but we have to play pretty fit or fold in a 5 way pot and we have a lot of decent equity pre vs. their loose ranges. So I like a sizable 4b to about 3.25-3.50 personally. Flatting would be better if it were a deep stacked table imo.

      I agree with just getting it in on the flop, not only do we have enough hand equity, if we wait til the turn our equity goes down on blanks, and if we make our hand with a J it puts 4 to a straight on board and may scare off the AQ type stuff that we have drawing dead to a chop.
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        Hey, thx for the reactions....helps a lot...and with a different river I would have been happy like spongebob. But knowing it's not bad play also is okay. I need to read up on equity again though



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