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5nl zoom JJ on K board

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  • 5nl zoom JJ on K board

    28/18 AF 4/2/2 wtsd 33 41 hands just a simple spot, didn't want to have my hand face up when I check, 88-QQ are calling a bet anyway. The question is, will those pairs bet the turn? I imagine they would check back, thats why I folded. The board is dry so he'll have a king here most of the time right?

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    Check/call turn, check/fold most rivers.


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      Hi Pray,

      I actually don't mind checking the flop, it's so dry. You're concerned it turns our hand face up, but I don't feel that's a problem for me because I would also check hands like Kx on the flop sometimes as well so I'm a bit more balanced. There's just so little that can actually give us value on a K-rag-rag rainbow board. Since his preflop defending range flops so weakly on this board, he's aggressive post flop, and it's blind v blind, I like enticing all the air and weak hands in his range to try and put pressure on us.

      Back to your concern, about turning our hand face up. Ask yourself what your hand looks like when you take the line you did and check the turn? I think it actually looks like we have a lot of misses, and some pairs below the K, mostly. So I agree with birdayy we should call this turn bet... he could simply be betting 7x or a small pocket to protect against 2 overs, or be following through on a float to take it away from AQ/AJ type hands. Once we call, it takes the air out of our range and now we look more like TT-QQ and Kx that is pot controlling, which is why if he bets the river we can expect him to often have Kx (or better) himself, and c/f to a large river barrel (if we had a read that the guy would double barrel his floats and turn small pairs into a bluff, then we'd c/call the river as well)
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