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2NL Zoom, KK pre-flop

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  • 2NL Zoom, KK pre-flop

    Now, initially when this hand played out I thought, standard cooler. But when I thought about it later, I realized that maybe I had just came across one of these rare instances when you could defend folding KK preflop? Now, I know this is 2NL, I know villains get crazy with all kind of stuff. Against an open shove this is a fistpump call of course. But against a 3bet, 5bet-shove? I mean, I know I haven't got a huge database of hands in 2NL. But in my modest experience, a 3bet, 5bet-shove range in 2NL still is really strong, like the nuts (AA, KK). With me already holding 2 of the said kings, that leaves 1 combo of KK vs 6 AA combo. So a 6/7 shot at being crushed, with the other 1/7 being a probable chop!? Do villains show up in this spot enough times with QQ to make this call profitable? Or maybe I am just overthinking this hand and this was simply what I initially thought, a standard cooler?

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    Yeah, I think you are over thinking it.

    At this level unless you have a serious history on a player and an amazing read I do not think you can fold KK ever.

    So many times they flip over ATs+ 88+ etc it's sick.


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      Hi simonrdr!

      In general we can profitably call a preflop all in when holding KK or AA. I would fold any other hand though. There are a few things to note in this hand. Firstly, V6 makes a slightly smaller than normal 3bet vs an utg raiser (15 rather than 18). This is often a tell of a strong hand that wants action, but we can't narrow his range to just one hand AA.

      When the action gets to you, you make a slightly large 4bet. This increases the risk of you getting value owned. I normally 4b between 2. and 2.5x. Remember, with KK, we want action.

      When the villain 5b jams, yes, they will quite often show up with AA or QQ, KK and AK. But as Danutz points out at 2NL we will see some surprizing hands from the villain here as well. If we say he is only jamming for value with QQ+ you are still a 57% favorite. If we say he is only jamming with AK, KK and AA, then you are a slight dog, but the money already in the pot makes it profitable to call. We need to narrow his range to only KK and AA before calling becomes bad. For an unknown villain and the vast majority that we have stats on as well, their range will be wider than that thus making it profitable to call off with KK. No worries

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX



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