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NL Hold'em As4s Heavy Draw Fail

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  • NL Hold'em As4s Heavy Draw Fail

    I started out with a small raise, although I didn't have either position or a strong hand, but the flop was quite interesting. The flop made me even more confident about the result and I re-raised. Was my overall play a good decision or I should have backed out?

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    For me:

    Raise is far too small preflop, giving the botton sick odds to call any 2.

    Bet on the flop is fine, could be maybe a little bigger, if you are going to reraise the flop it needs to be much bigger though. Bet on the turn too big...I would prefer just over half pot about .30 and then it is a pretty easy fold to the shove.


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      Hi ThisIsGCH!

      I agree with Danutz here. There are several issues with your bet sizing. Let's take a look.

      Preflop I would often fold since you are out of position and there is only one opponent in the hand thus far. Moreover, I primarily only 3b for value at 2NL. 3betting with A4s is viable though, but it is important to note that it is a semi-bluff. If we are bluffing, then our goal is to get the villain to fold. Our cards are plan b for when they call. Your mini 3b encourages the btn to call since it gives him such good odds. I suggest sticking to the standard 3x the original raise or even slightly larger here since you are oop and his raise was small. 3b somewhere between 12c and 18c.

      On the flop, you can c-bet or check-call. If you are going to bet though, I would bet about 70% of the pot on a wet board like this. Personally, I might lean toward check-calling. The board looks like it could help the villain. Add to that the fact that he called your 3b pf. I assume that he is ahead, but you have a lot of potential to improve. Check-calling will keep the pot small and allow you to see the turn.

      As played, I don't like the flop 3b. The villain has shown strenth on every street. We are building the pot without a made hand. Since we can improve to the nut flush, I prefer to stay in the hand and keep the pot small if possible. If you are going to 3b, then just like preflop, make it 3x the raise. Your mini-3b does not achieve your goal of inducing a fold. It simply builds the pot in a spot where you are presumably behind.

      Once you get called, I would give up on the turn. You have 9 flush outs and three K outs, so about 24% chance of improving to the nuts on the river. I suggest checking and calling a small bet if you are getting decent odds. By bet-calling you create a situation where you give yourself the bad odds to continue with the hand.

      One of the main characteristics of players at 2NL is that they don't like to fold any made hand. This means that bluffing works less at 2NL than at higher stakes. The opposite is also true. It makes value betting with strong made hands at 2NL extremely profitable because players will call bets on every street with marginal hands.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX



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