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Checking back IP

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  • Checking back IP

    What range of hands should we be checking back IP other than hands with showdown value?

    Say like i open the BU and the BB flats and the flop comes K72r

    So instead of only checking back hands like JJ here and basically turning your hand face up, what else can i check back and cbet the turn with instead.

    I would sometimes check back like AK on a Q high flop so if i hit an A i can get value from all the aces players like to flat with as i don't expect everyone to float a Q high board with like AJ OOP.

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    It depends on my opponent and whether my hand is worth 2 or 3 streets of value, or if it's something I'll bluff with.
    On a K72r in button vs blind, I'd sometimes check back AK, KK, AA (which are basically the nuts), as well as medium strength hands like QQ-TT, K8 etc. I might also check back AQs with or without the backdoor flush draw, but - as always - it really depends on the situation/opponent (and his stack size) and what I'm trying to achieve. i.e. I won't bluff vs a total station or an aggro check-raiser, but I also won't bet my strongest hands if villain is going to fold too often.
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      Yh thats exactly the sort of stuff im checking back and like you said you might do something different vs a fish like not bluffing or you might go for a delayed cbet vs a player who just isnt gonna lead the turn without a hand.

      I guess a player i would like to get better at playing against is the type of player thats reading hands and who could work out what range of hands i would check back on the flop.

      So lets take a hand like pocket 22-99 that hasnt made a set or two broadways that ent over cards to the flop, i would just normally bet but is there another line like checking back.

      I think 22-66 should just be a bet as you cant call a turn bet but lets take 88 99 and maybe some broadways can we check flop call a turn bet and then re evaluate the river.

      I dont think anyone at 5nl is gonna pick up on what i check back but as you know i would like to learn different lines and i was just wondering what other lines we can take IP vs good regs.


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        I think you've basically got this. With smaller pairs, you have little chance of improving on later streets, and will likely face overcards that cause you difficulties. One way of looking at it is to ask "Do I mind if villain sees a free turn card?"
        If you don't want villain seeing a free turn card, then you should be inclined to bet to protect your equity. If you have high cards (and especially if you have a monster like AK) then there are literally no bad turn cards for you, except when villain spikes a two-outer or a weird two pairs. But even when he does that, you don't get stacked, because you removed a whole betting round, and won't be going broke with one pair.

        In my experience, most villains are incapable of reading you at 2NL/5NL when you check back things like QQ on Kxx or KK on Axx. I keep getting them to pay off two streets when they make a pair of tens or something similar.
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          Ok cool maybe im trying to get tricky when i probably shouldn't be.



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