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5NL 6-Max Zoom: AA tough turn decision?

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  • 5NL 6-Max Zoom: AA tough turn decision?

    Raiser in MP plays 34/23/2.3 over 300 hands, Fold to 3Bet is only 25%, CB flop and turn is 67% each and is mildly sticky post flop with WTSD 35%. I realise my raise on the flop was not very big but what should I do on the turn? I think I have to fold/shove at this point based on the remaining stack sizes. What worse hands can do this? call a 3Bet pre, call a raise on the flop and then bet the turn? I can only think JJ-KKs possibly? possibly 99s? possibly A8s,98s? However at this level I have seen this done with AT.

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    We should be raising the flop to set up a nice size turn shove.

    Making it $1.5 vs his donk will set up a pot of $4 with ~$3 behind which makes it a nicer shove OTT.

    As played just shove the turn.


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      I think I'd shove right there on the turn, I don't see many hands on his range that are betting you right now


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        Thanks for the feedback, I was just checking if I did the correct thing, this hand kind of tilted me and I had to stop my session for a bit. I was seeing if I could have ranged him better or made another mistake.
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          Hi Arghosarus,

          Curious if he donks into the preflop aggressor often? Regardless, this action is usually a 1 pair hand looking to "see where it's at" or a draw. The board is pretty dry here so unless he's got T9s it's probably a hand like A8, 98, 55, etc. Normally I will simply call in position and allow an opponent to keep firing, and bet myself if they slow down. However in this spot with a villain that is sticky and likes to show down, I prefer to raise with an eye towards getting all in on the turn. Birdayy's suggestion is good.

          Also agree as played, shoving the turn is fine. If he's got T8 we can still draw out. If he's got TT, same story although less outs for us. I can still see this line with T9, 99, 98. While he doesn't seem deterred by our flop raise, I think many players who turned 2 pair+ would check-jam us more than lead again, and this guy clearly doesn't like to give up on pots, so I'm ok just going with it.
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            Most excellent.

            I was also thinking the donk turn bet was likely to be weak now I had shown interest and was likely to bet again. However, I now have a note that for this villain its not true! However I will try not to be results-orientated and am happy my decision was correct.

            Thanks all.
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