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5nl zoom KQs oop

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  • 5nl zoom KQs oop

    30/30 10 hands Shoud this hand be 3bet because we are oop even if it's suited? What if it was ip? I'm still trying to figure how to play KQ and AJ Flop: check to the raiser and call Turn: should I lead or raise because the board gets more coordinated? River: I thought that he won't do it with K9 so best case scenario I'm chopping. I hate situations like that when I have a good hand and plan to call down OOP but it gets harder and harder each street. How do I deal with it?

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    Hi Praydk,

    I would have played the same way you did, especially being against a relative unknown. Preflop I typically 3b with KQo since it doesn't play as well postflop I try to take down the pot preflop. With KQs I call behind as you did. It plays well postflop and this keeps the villain's range wide.

    You flop top pair on a fairly dry board. I would check-call. The villain will often c-bet his whole range here. So let's let him. Since the board isn't too dangerous we can just call and try to win another bet on the turn. At this point it seems likely that you are ahead of most of his range.

    The turn isn't too bad for you. It fits in the villain's range which might get him to bet again. If you were ahead on the flop, you are usually still ahead of a good part of his range now on the turn. If you raise, you are basically turning your hand into a bluff since you would be forced to fold to a 3b. I would just call again. We need to dodge As, 10s and 9s on the river. Most cards will help you.

    The river is unfortunately one of the cards we wanted to avoid and the villain fires a 3rd bullet. His line looks quite strong now and there are a ton of two pair, straight combos possible. It looks like a good spot to fold. No worries

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX



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