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5nl zoom KK vs nit

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  • 5nl zoom KK vs nit

    12/9 3bet 0.5 at the time(now its 1.1) 544 hands So I was thinking about laying down my KK given the action and the stats but I couldn't. Flop: still hoping for him to have JJ-KK, and I called to keep all of his range in. Turn: the A comes, and I thought that that's a big bet at the time, and figured he will bet smaller with AA. Although it doesn't make much sense for JJ-KK to turn into a bluff. Wouldn't it be better to jam the turn when I allready commit to calling? River: he calls me a fish and checks. Where should I fold if I should and where are my reads faulty if they are? Showdown:


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    Well i wouldn't expect him to barrel the A with an under pair so i would probably fold seen as hes a nit. I find it funny how he calls you a fish and 3 bets your UTG with JJ and expect you to call him with worse.

    This is why i dont 3 bet UTG alot unless i know they can call with all sorts of stuff to fold a cbet or they will call with like KQ and what not and i can stack them with AK.


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      Hi Pray,

      Well this guy's a pretty big nit. .5 is AA only, and 1.1 is KK/AA. So tbh I wouldn't mind just folding pre. I know it feels weak, but seriously, if we don't flop a K we are usually just giving up value. The rule to beat nits is to pound them off small pots, and don't pay off when they have a monster. He's making a large 3b sizing of an UTG open. It's not a great spot vs. a guy this tight and this nitty.

      As played, I think the turn call is suicidal... a nit I would expect to almost always check back his non AA pockets if he held any here. Once in a blue moon he's doing something different, but I think we are losing a lot of money making this call in the long run.

      I see in the result the moon was apparently blue, and tbh the nit would have outplayed me here and gotten me to fold the best hand (this time). It's ok though, he gets involved so rarely he probably won't outplay me in a pot again for several thousand hands, if then... and in the long run I feel comfortable I'm saving money getting away from this guys perceived strength sooner rather than later.
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