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5nl zoom. AK, Tptk fold on Turn reraise?

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  • 5nl zoom. AK, Tptk fold on Turn reraise?

    - no history with villain - don't reload full stack PF: - villain opens with minbet and calls 3bet. - (my read) discounted monster hand such as AA, KK since he did not reraise Flop: - villain calls. - (my read) on such a dry board, he could not have continued w/ a draw. Placed him on a monster hand (sets, 2 pairs) or a showdown hand (Ax, medium pocket pairs) Turn: - villain reraise - (my read) highly probable to have a monster (sets, two pairs) River: - played check/call as I'm committed to call Question: - upon my review, I had all the reason to fold my tptk on the turn. Am I correct on this? I was thinking with the villain not full stack I have odds to call and be committed to the river. I'm still having a little trouble learning to let go of my tptk on such occasions.

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    Hi kala,

    I'm finding it hard to justify folding the best pair with the best kicker in a 3-bet pot vs. a short stacker at any point in time tbh.

    First I would 3b this guy larger, at least .30c and .35c would be my preference, if he's got a legit hand he's not folding, no reason to give him a fair price with more speculative holdings and position us.

    As played the stack to pot ratio is 7 which against a probable fishy short stacker I'm happy to stack off top/top. C-bet larger than half the pot imo... he's either got a big ace or doesn't, and he's not folding an ace but is probably folding pockets that missed to any sizing.

    On the river, very important point... I only like check/calling if we have an eye towards inducing bluffs. Given the board run out and action sequence in this hand, it seems extremely unlikely he can have a bluff here. So in this case, if we are willing to call his last 1.88, we should simply bet it ourselves and set him all in. If he flopped a set or aces up, we are going to pay him off either way, but if he's got a hand like AJ/AT/Ax he might decide to check down the river and not bet for us, being concerned we have AK/AQ... if we've decided to pay off his bigger hands anyway, we should make sure we get paid in kind when ahead.
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      Hi Lango,

      Thanks for the insights, especially on the x/call part. I'll try to incorporate that thought more.

      I cbet half pot only since I thought the board is dry so there is not much protection needed and it would allow him to call with much worse hands.



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