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Zoom 2nl - TT

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  • Zoom 2nl - TT

    Hi Guys, villain - 56 hands stats 9/7/2.5 So from this called him a nit with only 56 hands. Was the river the place to fold, or not? The fact that he was a nit and was betting all three streets and and betting over half pot, I thought i would be behind once I got to the river. Hoping that the river was checked. I didn't put him on any 9x hands only 99. so thought that he may of had TT+ possibly AK. Right to fold? Cheers, Pullin1988
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    Against this player, I'd strongly consider folding the turn. I just don't see many nits firing more than a token c-bet with AK high.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Hi Pullin1988,

      This guy seems nitty, but 56 hands isn't that many. I would still think his range includes some drawing hands here such as Ax of diamonds with two overcards. Because of this, I think calling the turn is fine. Also that you have an overpair and a 7 will give you a straight. Tight players aslo often overplay big pairs since the few hands they play are played aggressively. If you make a set or straight, you will have a good chance to win his stack.

      When the villain fires a third barrel on the river though, I would fold just as you did. His line of bet-bet-bet looks very strong. I doubt he would bet all three streets without a made hand. It looks like his range is weighted heavily toward pocket pairs. If he does have a pocket pair, then he either has a set (88, 66 or 99), a straight (77) or a better pair than yours (JJ, QQ, KK AA). He would most likely not have played 22, 33, 44 and 55 so aggressively postflop and 1010 is unlikely since you have two.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Cheers guys



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