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implied odds part2

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  • implied odds part2

    here i come with implied ods again D:
    was this a good call on turn? i had like 12 outs so 24% and needed 25% so i think it was still good call?! wut u think..

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    Fold pre, you have a below average hand, you are OOP for the entirity of the hand.

    I dont like the flop lead out. Is it a value bet or a bluff? What better hands are you getting to fold? What hands are you getting value from? I'd then fold to the re-raise. We don't have the nut flush draw here and he seems to like his hand.

    On the turn, we have a pair of 4's, with a non nut flush draw. Our opponent has called pre, raised us on the flop, and bet again on the turn.

    What is giving you confidence here that if you hit a diamond, or a Q, or even a 4, that you are good?

    Implied odds mean that we can get expect to get paid off when we hit the nuts. I'm far from certain that we are good here even if the river improves us.


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      I'm with bhoy here regarding your Preflop and Flop play.

      I think once you've played the flop like you have, you should call the turn bet. Our equity has improved and I think a flush will be good here nearly all the time. We can always spike a 4 or a Q which may also be good.

      I think you should have folded preflop and kept the pot smaller by just check-calling the flop and turn.


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        Agree with the two posts above, you should be folding this preflop. The only reason I can see where calling may be an option is when one of the guys is a huge whale that you are in need to play pots with. If both are tight squeezing could be an option too (with a blocker and since we're suited), but I don't like thta at these stakes either so I'd just fold.

        As played I don't actually mind how you played it postflop. Leading out as we don't have good sd value from the SB is an option and we could get better to fold looking strong in a field. Turn we need to stick with calling once more as we improve our equity, but we also get shown why it's so tough to start out with a weak hand like that from the worst position at the table pre.
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        • #5
          Why can we call the turn?

          A 4 or a Q might be no good.


          • #6
            I think a Q or a 4 will be good more often than not here, and villain won't ever put us on Q4 lol.

            Of course the main problem is playing such a weak hand OOP, it's going to give us a lot of tough decisions post-flop even when we hit our hand.



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