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25NL 6-Max AKs Deepstacked

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  • 25NL 6-Max AKs Deepstacked

    Hi everyone, I am unsure about how I played this hand - particularly because we are deep vs villain. Villain's stats are 36/31 over 467 hands with a 18% 3bet (26% from SB) and 17% squeeze (25% from SB). They have 75% fold to cbet and 0% check-raise flop. Preflop - I'm unsure about my 4bet, purely because we are playing deep. If we were playing 100bb, I would almost always 4bet vs this villain, but is it perhaps better to flat playing deeper vs this guy? Also, what do you think to my 4bet sizing? I'm unsure about that too! Flop - To cbet or not to cbet? And sizing (again) I have no idea here. In game I gave some serious thought to checking back and I actually think that might have been the better option. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey AimlessChimp.

    generally I like a non-4betting strategy deepstacked as it allows you keep your opponents range as wide as possible (especially this guy's), to cut down on costly mistakes in huge bloated pots with 1 pair hands, disguise the true strength of your hand and focus on good postflop play as that becomes more and more important the deeper you get.

    Unless there is some specific read that villain will continue against your 4-bet with enough worse hands and play them badly enough postflop I would flat here (in this case you could comfortably b/c flop and continue from there). Also, if the other caller is a weaker player it would be one more reason to just flat for me and keep him in the pot.

    As played I actually like checking back this flop as even if you're ahead villain will have tons of equity and can put you in a gross spot by playing his range aggressively. Protection isn't a great issue here as only diamonds are bad and we have an easy exit if one hits. It's tough to be bet/folding TPTK here, it does seem reasonable but that's the kind of "bad taste" deepstack situatons with 1 pair leave behind when you bloat the pot with them too much early and are left with still a lot of stack to play out.
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