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Downswing, when will it stop?

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  • Downswing, when will it stop?

    <rant on>
    I've been on a downswing for the last couple of days or so. Dropped ~20 BI at 5NL, had to move down to 2NL where I lost another ~20BI, all over the course of ~60k hands.
    It feels like I'm inside this black hole that sucks all my motivation.
    I lost more hands where I was 95% favorite to win then I can keep track off.
    For example, in the short span of last ~2k hands from my latest session, I got 4 full houses broken, 3 times by hitting quads at river, and once by a royal flush. I ran KK into AA 3 times, QQ into AA and KK 2 times, AA into small pair 2 times and lost of course.

    Decided to take a break from the tables for a day or two. My question is how do you deal with it?

    <rant off>

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    It's always really demoralising when things like this happen and yes, this does happen to everyone at some point. I really think taking a couple of days off is a great idea. It gives you time to get over any tilt and gives your mind a break from thinking about the beats and all the things that you shouldn't really be thinking about while playing. Like a kind of reset.

    How people deal with times like these is different and everyone has their own thing. Personally I find exercise helps me, just gets all the stress and emotion out. Also xflixx once mentioned something that really stuck with me that when you're not being rewarded on the tables and it's getting you down it can be good to reward yourself off the tables. Treat yourself to something you like, whether that's a nice meal or night out or buy yourself something nice. Just makes you feel good and you always play better when you feel good.

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      Some day you'll just get tired of feeling bad over and over any time you have a bad day/week.
      Just take a deep breath, remember that you're a winning player and that variance is a normal thing.
      Also, breaks are very good, and as was mentioned, you play better when you feel good, so make yourself feel good away from poker.


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        I know what your going through, been there myself, it shattered my confidence in all aspects of the game, to the point where i did'nt even want to play even tho in the past i really loved Poker. Down swings and tilt effects us all differently, for me, working on my game one day at a time, not playing but working on my emotions, I recommend reading the books " Zen and the art of Poker " and " The Mental Game of Poker ", understanding Variance and listing my leaks and watching PSO videos to try and plug these leaks. Its not a overnight cure, but in time its helped me over my tilt. I hope it will help yours.
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          I've had those swings last months in a row... they'll happen. It's why bankroll management is so important.

          John (JWK24)

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