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10NL 6-max Zoom 58s

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom 58s

    Hi, villain is playing 16/13/9 AF=5 CB=74% over just 30 hands. The river is a bet fold or a check call ? The nut flush doesn't make sense since Ax would bet the flop I guess. Cheers!
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    I'd just check/call the turn and try to get a free card.

    On the river I think you should bet/call with his bet size. He might have rivered a set or two pair.


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      Hi fp,

      A read! I like it!

      Personally I would just fold a small suited 2 gapper from the blind here if the guy doesn't steal much. If he has a high steal % from the button, you might 3b squeeze this spot. 30 hands probably isn't enough to know if he's stealing the button a lot or not.

      I don't think the river is either a bet/fold or check/call, I think it's a bet/call personally. He can be checking behind the flop with hands he wanted to pot control a bit that have showdown value like A/x or QJ, so I like betting for value vs. these hands. His river raise is likely never a bluff in this spot, since he had opportunities to bluff the flop and turn but passed them up. Bigger flushes are possible for sure. For example, JcTc, QcJc, etc. He might also be out of line with A4 or slow played AA or QQ for some reason, but vs. a guy who is tight in general raising the river when the flush comes in, that's scary enough for me to not raise again.
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