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10NL 6-max Zoom 66 MW

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom 66 MW

    Hi, villains are unknown. Is my flop play really bad here ? And what about the river ? Cheers!

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    Hi again fp!

    This is similar to the 99 hand I looked at earlier. Here you have a great spot preflop. You are last to act. There are multiple players in the pot. You can see the flop cheaply. And you have a hand that can flop a monster.

    However, you miss the flop. With speculative hands, you should usually just play fit or fold on the flop. Here you missed, so just fold. There are already overcards on the board so your chances of having the best hand or improving are fairly small. I don't think bluff betting the river is going to win often enough here to be profitable.

    If you are going to play speculative hands such as suited connectors and smallish pairs, it is important to get away from these hands on missed flop. Otherwize the profit from the times you flop a set will not be large enough to ofset your losses.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Hi, but can't I make hands like 77,99,JJ fold on the river ? since I could easily have a flush, or even have top pair with the Q.


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        There are two elements from my way of thinking fp. Let's isolate the river action first. You bet 120 into 170 on the river. You will need to win more than 41% of the time for this to be profitable. I don't think you will be ahead very often if you get called. So, basically the villain needs to fold 41% of the time. Your line doesn't really rep a flush or top pair that well and the villain's line doesn't look like he intends on folding. I don't think you will get a fold often enough to make this profitable on its own.

        Secondly, let's look at the line we take with speculative hands in general. A pocket pair will flop a set about once every eight attempts. If we are setmining, then we need to win enough on the one good flop to offset the losses on the other seven. The easiest way to do this at the microstakes is to mimimize our investment and losses when setmining. In other words, calling a 3bb bet preflop can be fine, but calling a 3b or large raise makes it too expensive usually. Furthermore, when we miss the flop and don't have any real 0potential to improve on a later street, check-folding ensures that we don't invest more in the hand. So, if we call a 3bb bet with our pair preflop and fold the seven misses, we have invested 21bb on these hands which need to be won back on the one hand that flops well.

        In this hand in particular the flop is paired. There is a flush draw. The pair is better than your 66. All in all it is unlikely that your hand will improve on future streets. Rather than turning your hand into an expensive bluff, just folding on the flop will make your setmining strategy more profitable as a whole. Minimize your losses on the missed flops by check-folding and maximize your profits with set by betting. It works

        Roland GTX


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          Same as Roland. But also don't forget the board is also scarry for other PP. So he could easily check down his hand. This time he would pick up the pot, but he could also had a lower PP and the pot would be yours. If he decides to bet OTR -> just fold and minize your loses as Roland already explained.



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