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AJ folded, QQ fast and hard

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  • AJ folded, QQ fast and hard

    this hand is against unknown(for me they are still all unknown) decided not to raise preflop and even not to bet the flop although I hit it hard. think I played it bad and have to fold on the river... had a pretty good session thanks to some folding... I 3bet and got a call from guy from previous hand... flop is good so I bet, and than I bet potsize to finish the hand. thinking maybe he got diamonds or can spike ace... should I do that or bet smaler to the end to extract more value?

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    Looks like 2NL 6-max. The 1st hand I guess is to show a read on the player to your left? But possibly more to review on how you played that hand when you flop 2 pair. River then fold to broad-ways maybe a ten.

    In the 2nd hand we don't really have much on the villain. You could bet smaller just over 1/2 pot with two flushes drawing. But at these stakes any piece of that flop you will probably be called with pot bet.
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      Nice hands so far, pekmansick. Like how you played them both.

      In hand 1) I would usually squeeze preflop to isolate one of the guys and build a bigger pot as I feel we will have the best hand here so often given the action - and people at these stakes call 3-bets with so many worse hands all the time. As played I don't like raising back OTT as he can have a straight or AQ.

      In hand 2) I would bet a little smaller OTT as you put villain into a committment decision by betting as big as you did. Would make it ~0.60 and shove the river if he calls.
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        thanks guys for your time, I often need this kind of evaluation to be able to continue play... and ofcourse for a learning proces ...



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