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10NL 6-max Zoom AKs IP

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom AKs IP

    Hi, villain is unknown. I think that the flop is a 3B right ? Since against the range 99,77,TT,JJ,QQ, we are most likely fliping. The way playing I folded teh turn since it was a strong bet and my flush outs could not be clean anymore. Cheers!

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    You played this fine imo. You get great pot-odds / implied odds against the flop check raise so the call on the flop is fine and the turn is an easy fold since the price he's giving is very bad and you beat 0 of his value hands


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      With villain calling your 3-bet from UTG and min x/r flop I would probably range him on something like this:

      Hand 0: 44.078% 43.48% 00.60% 14634 202.50 { AhKh }
      Hand 1: 55.922% 55.32% 00.60% 18621 202.50 { 77+, QhJh }

      Against a typical range we should have tons of equity on this flop, we're only behind a bit more against sets. Calling and folding a turn unimproved is an option too but we do get robbed of decent equity at least some of the time I feel.

      Therefore I would just bet/shove with some foldequity left - sometimes you might even fold out some stuff that he just raised for info or "to see where he's at" or even as a bluff.
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