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10Nl 6-max Zoom AQs IP

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  • 10Nl 6-max Zoom AQs IP

    Hi, villain is playing 22/18/6 over 112 hands. I've seen Felix's video on 10NL Zoom yesterday saying that if people at these stakes bet the turn, they usually 'have it'. But I think my hand is strong enough here on the turn right ? There's value on raising the turn ? On the river, since he checked with less than a pot size bet left, should I consider shoving to get called by Jx or Qx ? Can I ever fold a better hand ? Cheers!

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    Hey fpboss,

    to answer your question: yes, imo you are even obligated to continue OTT. What I hope meant in that vid (haven't rewatched it yet) by saying "they have it" was probably referring more to spots when people start raising against a bet.

    I like your preflop and flop play given the stacksizes and villain's stats.

    I think that even at the micros people will be barreling turns with draws and weaker TPs so since you have TPTK it becomes a pretty mandatory call. Against his stacksize you could also consider shoving the turn for value from his weaker Qx and combodraws.

    River is actually quite an interesting spot! If you feel like villain is checking mostly to give up or to bluffcatch I would check back. If I perceive villain as a weaker player with some showdownbound tendencies I would not mind a thin valuebet - but that would require good reads.
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      I'd like a small 1/2 pot value bet OTR, though it is pretty thin like Felix said.



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