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  • bad?

    should i rename myself to GayLoser? would be more apropriate i guess
    hand is somehow broken when i reviewed it here, so here is original link
    Last edited by GayLooser; Sun Dec 15, 2013, 05:13 PM.

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    It really depends.

    Why did you choose to flat the BTN 3 bet instead of 4 betting? Is it because the BTN is a tight player who won't call into a 4 bet without AK+ or will only stack off with KK/AA? If so then getting it in OTF is bad.

    If however, you flatted the BTN because you think he could spew off all his chips post flop with a dominated hand and thus determined there was more value taking this line then maybe it's ok to get it in here.


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      I am not quite familiar with 6max since I play full ring almost exclusively. Let me start off with saying that this spot is just plain tough. It depends alot on both the vaillains stats.

      Without stats or as just general gameplay I'd probably fold preflop myself. Calling the 3bet will likely force you to play a 3way pot OOP and unless you are really sure that you can outplay 2 players as first to act in a VERY bloated pot I'd just hit the fold button and move on. Cold 4betting makes you almost committed to the pot and stacking pre (again depending on the stats) seems very marginal in general with a hand like QQ (no blockers to AA/KK as opposed to AK).

      As for on the flop I don't like the donkbet. The only reason you can call preflop is if you think their ranges are very weak due to their positions. In that case your only gonna get called by hands that have you beat and likely fold out the junk both of them could have opened / 3bet. If it checks around the stack to pot ratio is small enough that you can miss a bet and still get stacks in by the riv anyways. Once you do donk and get called+raised it's just a fold. There is no way that 1 of them has anything worse then KK+. You do get ok odds to call, but you are just never ahead and like drawing to less then 10% so just save the 3,50

      In general I'd say save your money in a preflop spot like this, observe the hand and take notes on their CO steal / BTN 3bet ranges if they get to showdown, then adjust your game accordingly in the future against these villains.
      Last edited by maDe91; Sun Dec 15, 2013, 09:25 PM.


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        Hi GL!

        I think maDe91 nailed it here. Calling 3bets oop makes for very tough postflop play. I pretty much never do it. Either I fold or I 4 bet. Without reads, I would lean toward folding preflop here. You may be facing KK or AA, or Ax hands. Either way you are going to have to dodge all the Ks and As on the flop and will have a tough time regardless of what comes. If you had a read on the 3bettor, then 4betting with the intention of getting all in may be marginally profitable.

        As played, you got a decent flop. Wtih so much in the pot, I would have check-raised all in. The hands you are beating will often fold to your bet, but may bet themself when you check. As play, I would fold to such heavy action on the flop. You won't be ahead that often and still need to dodge a bunch of scare cards on the remaining streets.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX


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          Hey GL, had so much fun catching up with you yesterday!! Thanks for stopping by to say hi, and best of luck with exams and VPPs!!



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