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Barreling turns

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  • Barreling turns

    So i posted a hand yesterday and Gareth said i should barrel a turned 9h on a 7h 9s 5d with my JThh.

    Which i thought i read in the poker blueprint that you shouldn't barrel paired turn cards but now im just guessing that only with your air hands.

    So if we have AKss and a flop with two spades on does that mean i can barrel any turn?

    If i had AsKs on a flop with 1 spade can i barrel any spade?

    Does this include all paired turns thats a spade and all turned spades that improve the villains flop calling range like on a flop of

    Js 2c Th and the turn was a Ks 9s for the draws and Ts for paired turns and top pair for when top pair on the flop isnt the suit im holding.

    If we did take this line of barreling more turns what rivers are we shoving when we miss?

    What do we do if we barrel a paired turn card and hit our nut flush on the river put 2/3 of our stack in by the river and villain ships all in.
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    I think it really depends on several factors, such as position and reads, as well as the board itself. Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to continue with a bluff when the board pairs on the turn, as hands that called on the flop are unlikely to fold, but sometimes you have such a well-disguised combo draw that barrelling makes sense, especially if you can credibly represent a big hand and believe villain can fold one pair if you fire 3 barrels. At other times, you might want to check back with a draw to try and realise your equity in full. Sometimes AKs even has showdown value, so it's unnecessary to barrel in position. Draws with hands like 97s have no showdown value (it's 9 high!), so you're often better off with continuing to bluff.
    On a JTx flop, I'm often not c-betting at all, as the fold equity is so low. A queen turn would give you the nuts, but nines, tens and jacks are no help to you at all. Picking up a flush draw is nice, but hitting it and running into a boat isn't. If you make the nut flush, then bet-folding would be standard. A villain is rarely raising the river on a super-wet paired board without a boat.
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      If your OOP though you would have to cbet that JT board and build a pot for if you do hit your flush i wouldnt like check calling.

      I do agree on not barreling the paired turn but Gareth said you can in my JT hand and i was wondering why, i know i don't wanna be barreling off every hand every time i was just looking for an example of what Gareth was actually on about and then i could work the rest out myself.


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        Honestly I was so clearly understanding anything from gareth's lesson about "Continuation Betting Basics Continued" where he talked about barreling =)


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          Originally posted by braveslice View Post
          Honestly I was so clearly understanding anything from gareth's lesson about "Continuation Betting Basics Continued" where he talked about barreling =)
          Yh just realized i missed most of Gareths vids and its cleared up alot of questions i had, he even added some nice spots to check with hands OOP with backdoors when you got showdown value, great vids.



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