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    Here's an interesting hand, which I would like to discuss. I have lost a lot of times with second best hands but I haven't yet figured out how to get away from such hands. How does mathematics play when drawing to second best hands, since so many guys would be bluffing at low stakes.

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    Just a general point first - I think it's good that you're taking aggressive lines and willing to play a wide range of hands out of the button - but I don't think you need to be quite this wide at 2NL where people typically don't like to fold. Look at what V2 calls the flop with - a gutter and a backdoor flush draw. You can't bluff people off hands!

    Profit at 2NL is made by extracting maximum value from good hands - not getting yourself in marginal spots.

    That being said, I think you played the hand well until the river. When villain takes a passive line preflop, OTF and OTT then suddenly leads on the river, they often have a monster. I'd probably just call the river bet as there are Ax hands that make sense with Ad, as well as random combinations with two diamonds that people always show up with at these stakes.

    If you are going to raise the river, I would do it with the intention of folding to a 3Bet. You are taking a very strong line yet villain isn't scared and puts you all in depsite knowing that you have such a good price to call. I think you are behind 100% of the time here so I would just fold.


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      Raise/folding the river is fine vs competent players but vs a random $1.40 stack at 2nl im probably stacking off with any flush.


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        Originally posted by nozyrabbit View Post
        so many guys would be bluffing at low stakes.
        I think this is a common misconception. Other than c-betting, most players at 2NL are not bluffing very often. The solid winners generally play very straightforward ABC. River leads are usually the effective nuts. I think you should just call in this spot, because villain can have many better flushes, and he's unlikely to call a raise with worse than a flush.
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          Hey nozyrabbit,

          I would just call flop, but raising a mindonk and treating it like a check seems reasonable too. Getting called OTF and picking up extra equity on the turn I would turn my hand into a semibluff trying to fold out 2nd pair or worse while building a pot for your well hidden outs.

          River I'd just shove over villain's bet, but raise/calling seems fine too. He could have a better flush but he might also do this with 2 pair or some other fancy hand at the microstakes in my experience.
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