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16nl - Std bet/bet/shove in 3b pot?

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  • 16nl - Std bet/bet/shove in 3b pot?

    Stats: VPIP: 31, PFR: 23, 3B: 0, AF: 0.5, Hands: 13 Villain appeared to be fishy/recreational over a small sample (one tabling, cold calling a lot etc). Just wondering if the river shove is a bit thin. I guess in retrospect it's quite hard to be called by worse if the villain was a reg, but since I thought he was weaker I believed I could get looked up by worse. Thoughts?

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    A recreational player can sometimes have stronger hands than us here like 2Ps/sets but he also has alot of worse hands that he may call 3 streets with like weaker Ax/Jx and he probably would want to see the river sometimes if he had the Kc.

    After we put so much money into the pot to set up a shove OTR I think we have to go with our hand here - if we think he can call 2 streets with worse on this board then he is likely able to call with worse here as well given the pot is so big.


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      I think I would usually try and aim for 2 streets of valuebetting in these spots if I'm unsure whether villain is a recreational player who will call down any ace regardless of texture. So checking either flop or turn looks like a good option to me as an alternate line if you don't have enough infos/reads on villain.

      As played I guess you will be shoving into a better hand a decent chunk of the time, check/folding could be an option but I'm not sure if sometimes we would get blown off by hands like 55/22, 56 or some midpair with a club that gets turned into a bluff.
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        I dont think there is much we are beating here, 44, and 33, A4,A3 would probably raise us on the flop but also let us 3 barrel, it mostly depends on his reraise flop ratio, about JT I dont think he has it because he would have folded the flop unless its JTc and Jc came on the turn, the hands that are likely to beat us are AK,AJ,AT and maybe sometimes A3,A4, the better line will be to check turn and see if he goes all in I would fold, he might check behind with a better hand, 2pair etc and might raise lower then all in if he is better or raise all in as a bluff which he wouldnt call the river with, anyhow you dont get any value from raising that river.


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          While I agree this is a 2-street type hand, it's tough to figure out where those two streets should come from.

          I think you should Cbet the flop - I guess you could take a passive line but this would seem to lose value and gives Villain the chance to hit something.

          On the turn you pick up the 2nd nut flush draw. Maybe you could check/call here but I prefer to bet I think.

          This leaves just checking back the river, which puts us in an awkward spot if villain bets into us. I think I prefer to bet/fold quite small, say 1/3 - 1/2 pot.



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