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10 NL 6-max Zoom Q8s on BB

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  • 10 NL 6-max Zoom Q8s on BB

    Hi, only known player is MP who's playing 21/11/0 over 73 hands Did I miss a river bet here ? What to do if I bet and get raised, just fold ? Cheers!

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    I actually think donkbetting the flop is possible, but maybe the way you played it is superior.

    You definitely missed value on the river here. I think whether you should call a raise probably depends on the sizing. If it's a relatively small raise I'd call but anything over 2.5x and I'm just folding - people at these stakes basically always have the nuts when they raise huge on the river.


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      Since the turn was checked through, it's likely no one has aything very strong, so they are probably hoping to get to showdown with medium strength hands (e.g. Jx). Bet-folding river looks mandatory to me, because medium strength hands are likely to check behind. Don't let them see a free showdown! Since villains' ranges are relatively weak, I'd size the river bet fairly small, like 40% of pot, in order to get looked up more often, and allow yourself to get away cheaply if you get shoved on by the nuts.
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        they fp_boss Yes I think you missed a river lead. As people have mentioned above, I think you should expect people to be checking the river often especially when they check through the turn. On the other hand, there are a lot of second best hands that can call our river bet, not just because we have such a strong hand, but because of how coordinated the board is. The flop better and the flop caller pretty likely have some pieces of the board, especially the latter. umbup:



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