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2NL 77 vs KK

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  • 2NL 77 vs KK

    Villain was 8/7 over a 25 hand sample, was this an easy fold to the river bet?

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    It's an easy fold to the flop bet.

    When you're playing a hand you should think ahead and have a plan. What do you expect to happen on the turn and river?

    77 can only be played on future streets if you spike a 7 and even then you may have an awkward decision if the other card is a heart.


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      You went set-mining against a tight player, whose range is very strong. That's fine, but you didn't spike a set, and all you have is a weak flush draw. Just fold on the flop when you miss.
      In this spot, you can be grateful that villain was bad enough to slowplay the effective nuts on the turn, so you might have saved some money. He should be betting the turn for value imo, expecting you to pay him off with trips, straights and flushes.
      It's ironic that you mentioned my theorems blog yesterday, because another two of the maxims show up here:
      * No set, no bet/spike or hike.
      * Don't chase flushes on paired boards.
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        Originally posted by IBNash View Post
        Villain was 8/7 over a 25 hand sample, was this an easy fold to the river bet?
        Nope, easy fold to the flop bet, I agree with spand. We almost certainly don't have the best hand, and our flush draw is practically worthless, we may not be drawing to the best flush, and if he doesn't have a heart, we can't get further action anyway when we make it. Even a running full house might not be good as this tight a player could easily have flopped sets in his range here.
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          Must.. Fold.. Way more..
          Thank you all for the feedback.



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