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QQ get me again

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  • QQ get me again

    The main question here is what do you think V6 raing is and was this a good time to give up? I put them on a set T Reads are: 80/45/37 22 hand They seem to be all over the place Let me know what you think Thanks Michael

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    Your opponent's statistics are based on a really small sample size. However his statistics are so wild that I think it's fair to characterise him as a complete maniac.

    He could be limp/3Betting pre-flop with anything - I'd just put in a chunky 4Bet and be happy to get it all in preflop.

    As played I think villain is betting any flop with all of his range, so I'd just reraise him all in and expect a call from almost anything. If he has flopped two pair, well done to him!

    On the turn I don't think the T changes much, I'd snap-call this all-in and be very happy about it.


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      Hi Michae,

      Vs. a villain who has been a complete wild child over his 22 hand sample, and is on a short stack to boot, I'm not folding a premium overpair.

      Like spand, I think we can reraise him at any point in this hand with an eye towards getting his stack in, and just take our chances. Can we be beat? Certainly... this guy can show us 53, T5s, etc... like you said, he's all over the place. Fortunately for us all over the place includes many more hands that are behind our QQ than ahead of it, so we can feel comfortable stacking in here and letting the chips fall where they may.
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        Thank you


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          I think this villain has a set precisely 0% of the time.
          He's raising 45% of hands, but this time he limped. That would usually mean his range is outside the top 45% of hands, but in the top 80% (lol).
          Even if 55-33 are in his limping range, then - given his range of almost ATC - he has a hand better than QQ here less than 5% of the time. Snap-call the shove.
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