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QQ from MP - 5NL zoom 6max

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  • QQ from MP - 5NL zoom 6max

    unknown villain preflop: hero QQ bets 3BB btn raises 8BB hero reraise to 19BB Btn calls His call made me believe he did not have AA nor KK but had maybe A-high or 88-JJ (and the unlikely QQ) Flop 456 rainbow I like the flop even being coordinated like that. Didn't think 44,55,66 or 78 were in his range. Hero bets 70% pot villain calls. For me this was a confirmation he did not have AA nor KK. His range dropped to 88-QQ and AK only. turn: 8 Bit of a nasty card but seeing his range, his play and his stack I shoved what effectively was a less than 50%pot bet. villain calls. river blanked Question 1 : Was my assumption for his range oke? Should I left AA and KK in? would A7 be in his range? Question 2 : Preflop I should have made it 24-28BB didn't I? What is wrong with 19BB (if wrong)?

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    In villain's shoes I play AA like this quite frequently and let my opponent bet into me for three streets with QQ

    So no I don't think you can exclude AA/KK from his range. Regardless of this I still think you played the hand well as you are also going to get action from JJ, TT and even AK if the opponent is particularly fishy (last night I just had someone call three streets of betting with AK high when I had AA lol)


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      Hey Ray,

      preflop my standard line against an unknown would be to flatcall with QQ against a 3-bet from late position. To 4-bet in this positional dynamic I would need to have a specific read that villain does not only like to 3-bet a wide range but also continue against further aggression with a big chunk of that range (not only just QQ+/AK so we dont actually make any money rangewise raising for value).

      Here are my answers to your 2 questions:

      Question 1: I wouldn't exclude KK/AA from villains range, as some like to trap with these. Considering that you chose a smaller 4-bet sizing (which I think is ok, see next q) he may also call with some more speculative hands, but that requires him to actually have a wider than usual 3-betting range pre. So given that you are not ahead against a whole lot except for 99-JJ, I would check turn to make it look like you're giving up. He gets a chance to shove the worse hands for protection himself and maybe to turn a hand into a bluff that way. If turn goes check/check you can still shove most rivers yourself.

      Question 2: I think it's fine if you're expecting a wider than usual 3-betting range to actually make him call with weaker hands getting a better price. My standard sizing OOP would be sth like 2,25-2,5x his size.
      Live Trainer


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        Hi rkleefstra,

        I usually make my pf 4bets a bit more than the 3b, about 2.2 to 2.5x. So your bet size looks fine. Note, I wouldn't necessarily 4bet with QQ here at 5NL without a read on the villain. If he 5bets all in you should fold. Calling out of position is marginal even with QQ though. So, 4betting is fine here.

        I think you need to give the villain a wider range, especially being an unknown. My 3betting range if I were the villain in this situation might be QQ+, 22,33, 44 as well as quite a few unsuited connectors such as J10o+, as well as AQo. Since he has position on us, his calling range vs your 4bet probably still includes QQ+ and AQ, AK. Personally, I wouldn't 3 bet middle pairs such as 1010 and JJ here.

        Postflop I like your line. With so much in the pot, leading on the flop looks good and should get action from many of the hands you are beating. On the turn, there is so much in the pot that betting as you did or check-calling would be playable depending on the villain. As spand mentioned though, you will see KK and AA here fairly often.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX


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          Tnx all! great stuff as always



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