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FR 2NL Zoom, overpair facing overbet on the flop

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  • FR 2NL Zoom, overpair facing overbet on the flop

    Only 2 hands on villain, so consider him a random zoom opponent. I think the raise overbet shove on the turn meant either a set or a very agressively played nut flush draw, but either way, I think my decision was pretty straight forward, even if it sucks to fold KK on a low card flop.

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    Your preflop sizing is way too big. It should be 3x or at most 3.5x.

    When he shoves it's the snappiest snap call of snap calls.


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      Originally posted by birdayy View Post
      When he shoves it's the snappiest snap call of snap calls.
      With a fist pump to boot!

      Villains often do this on such dry boards with random bluffs or crappy pocket pairs.

      It's when you see random shoves on the turn or especially the river that you have to be concerned that villains basically always have the nuts.


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        And I thought my fold was pretty straightforward... lol
        I think I still am having trouble ranging villains on a flop raise vs a turn/river raise. I'm giving villains wayyy too much credit when they raise on the flop. Def need to work on that leak.


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          Every time i see a flop shove i see some really bad hands most of the time, where i wouldnt call is when they over bet shove the turn like on a 8d 9d 2c 5d, i snap called here a few times and sucked out and they were shoving straights and sets here alot.

          The reason i called was because i just couldnt see people overbet shove a flush because you cant expect players to call with worse and why would a straight or a set shove here, so i snapped it off with top pair and a flush draw and sucked out lol.


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            Hi Simon,

            I agree with calling off here. We are only losing to sets at this point (not putting them on a cold call pre with T3/T2/32 necessarily), but villain even though unknown could (and might often) choose different actions with a set, like calling to raise the turn, or raising smaller than all in.

            Other hands that might think in their minds this is a good play: Diamonds semi-bluffing, AT, JJ, QQ, smaller pockets that put you on the hand they can beat (AK) and want you to fold. So I'm quite happy to disappoint him and call.
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