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10NL 6-max Zoom JJ

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  • 10NL 6-max Zoom JJ

    Hi, villains has stats 33/33/100 over just 3 hands. He seemed to be pretty aggressive Pre-flop, so I decided to call and play the pot IP here. What you think of my flop raise & 4BAI ? I don't like just calling the c-bet because a lot of scare cards could come to me and to kill my action as well. And folding here I think it's out of question right ? Any thoughts on the hand ? Cheers!

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    There seems to be a common theme with the hands you are posting. You seem to be putting a lot of money in with seemingly strong hands which are actually very vulnerable.

    I went through my hand history about a month ago and all the big pots I lost were exactly like the hands you have posted - overplaying strong 1 pair hands. If you stop losing so many of these big pots, your winrate will increase dramatically.

    I don't think you're really paying much attention to what villain might have and are more focused on what your own holding is.

    Your sample size on the villain of 3 hands is essentially meaningless as is 33/33/100 probably means he played 1 hand out of 3 where he 3Bet preflop - that doesn't tell you anything.

    Preflop you are 3Bet. This normally indicates some strength, but not always. A typical 3Bet range might be 88+, AT+, KQ, maybe this is wider for some opponents. I think calling is best, but 4Betting is also possible.

    On the flop, villain Cbets. What range does he have? Probably exactly the same range that he 3Bet with. I would prefer to just call on the flop and utilise our position to see if villain continues OTT.

    As played, villain decides to 3Bet us. Now I'd be very concerned about our hand. I think villain would fold AJ-AK, KQ. He'd likely just call with AhKh or KhQh, he might also call with sets, however I think he is more likely to raise these. Therefore I think his 3Betting range is crushing us as it consists of 88, TT, JJ+.

    Therefore I think flop is actually a pretty easy fold.

    Btw please don't post results when posting your hands - it makes the analysis much harder to do objectively.


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      Offtopic: spand42, how do you not post the end of the hand?


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        Originally posted by MrFlopes View Post
        Offtopic: spand42, how do you not post the end of the hand?
        Hey Mr Flopes,

        You just delete the section e.g. showdown [... or the point you want to freeze the hand] when you cut & paste the hand history in to the replayer and then save the hand.

        Hope this helps,



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          As Spand said, a sample size of 3 hands is meaningless. One thing that troubles me is that fp_boss wrote "I decided to call and play the pot IP here" - which is, of course, fine - but then you seem to throw your positional advantage away by raising the flop. I'm not sure if it's definitely the right play, but I would tend to call on the flop to see if villain continues his aggression on the turn. There are certainly bad cards that can come on later streets, but we can use this information to make better decisions. e.g. I could get away from jacks (having only called one bet) if villain bombs a king turn, because KK, AK and AA are a big part of his range. As played, I'm definitely folding to the flop 3-bet. You have an overpair, but you're not really beating anything, apart from the monster draws for , and , which have a ton of equity against you. I think getting it in just valueowns you, because against a range of overpairs and NFDs, you're crushed, with about 17% equity. If villain can have sets here, it's even worse.
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            Hi fp,

            I think this is a pretty big leak. You have no read as 3 hands doesn't say anything, and are stacking off when this guy shows massive strength. Firstly if we did think he's pretty aggro pre, and with this being a primary preflop spot for light aggression from him (vs. a button open), I would 4-bet and plan to get it in right there with JJ button vs. blind.

            As played I would flat call the flop and see what the turn is and how he responds. If we do raise, I think we should be folding to a re-raise. He has committed himself for stacks by putting 3 bets in on the flop, after 3-betting pre. His range to do this is likely TT+, AhKh/AhQh. Our equity against that range is a dismal 15%.
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