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10Nl 6-max Zoom AKo

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  • 10Nl 6-max Zoom AKo

    Hi, villain that 3B has the stats 25/19/10 over 53 hands. And the cold calling is unkown but mostly likely a fish (calling 3B OOP and weird stack sizes). I don't like calling with offsuit AK OOP against 2 players here. So I decided to 4B. Since these player tend to just call four bets quite often, I decided to 4B AI, since the 3-better's range was clearly wide, and the fish might call with a wide range of hands. Any thoguths ? Cheers! umbup:

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    Hi fp,

    I certainly like 4-betting here, but do not like ripping it all in like this, a huge sizing is going to make it very difficult for our opponents to make calling mistakes (and prevents them completely from making raising mistakes by removing the opportunity). I would much prefer a sizing like 2.35 here.

    When you make a massive overbet like this, we are probably not getting called off too often by AQ or worse, even from a fishy player... we are getting called by bigger pockets (maybe middling pockets from the fish) and other AK's, and AKo doesn't play great against that range. The smaller 4b sizing allows fishy guys to (incorrectly) take a flop off with AQo, ATs, 55, which works out better for us in the long run.
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      Why do we 4bet here? to isolate someone or for value?


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        Originally posted by Praydk View Post
        Why do we 4bet here? to isolate someone or for value?
        Both - but mainly for value


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          Hi Langolier, but what do we do ir the flop misses us with something like T63 or JT5 and the pot will be huge. What we do if we miss the flop and:
          -We are multi way against 3 calling stations
          -We get heads-up and we c-bet but he raises AI

          I usually have a hard time playing AK hands on 3B pots when I miss.I've filetered them om HM2 and I'm loosing a lot of money with them, I guess I just c-bet too much. Any thoughts ?

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            I wouldn't mind calling fp_boss. I think they are all profitable ways forward shoving, four-betting, and calling. I think shoving is probably the least profitable of the bunch and that four-betting to 2.40 is better than that, because as Dave said, it does an effective job of keeping AJs KQs AQo in the pot with you. umbup:



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