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2NL - UTG AJo vs BB line of play

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  • 2NL - UTG AJo vs BB line of play

    How bad is this play? Am I set-blind?
    Last edited by IBNash; Fri Dec 13, 2013, 01:52 PM.

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    I think your only potential mistake here was not Cbetting the flop. You will often get folds. If you get raised you can easily fold. This makes the play on the turn much more straightforward. You can bet the turn and when he raises - the Beluga Theorem applies and it is likely you are probably in trouble.

    As played I would play the turn and river the same as you.


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      It's so easy fold for me OTT, He screamed that he slow played something, he checked two times and after he raised. you didn't cbet OTF , you cbet an A on the board , you got one or you are bluffing,
      and as there's no point to raise your bluffs he raises your A hand.
      And if be honest I don't cbet board like this, there's a lot of draws in a raised pot and call from blinds as I expect to be raised more often and I have nothing to answer. and of course It depends on an opponent.
      Last edited by Shichi-77; Fri Dec 13, 2013, 03:52 PM.


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        Hi Nash,

        Firstly, it's ok to fold AJo from UTG prelfop. AJs is about the bottom of my UTG opening range in full ring with no reads.

        When you take this line, checking back the flop and betting the turn, your hand looks like AK. He doesn't care, he's check-raising you anyway. I think you will usually find this is not a bluff, as he's already passed up an opportunity to bluff (betting the turn after you check the flop behind). This is an action trying to grow the pot. We should be particularly concerned about 2 pair or a set here imo.

        The river should be folded for sure tbh... your play to this point (including calling the check/raise) screams big ace, and he not only doesn't care, he's overbetting the pot, which is a great bet sizing actually by villain since all indications are you've made a strong 2nd best hand that you can't pull the trigger on a fold with (trip aces with a big kicker). So I think there is maybe a 5% nonsense factor here, and the rest of the time we are going to get shown 44, 77, 99, A9, A7, A4.
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