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2NL - Flatting AKs UTG+1 & calling 3 bets and shoves

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  • 2NL - Flatting AKs UTG+1 & calling 3 bets and shoves

    Villains were 100-200BBs deep and I was around 300BBs. Did not know what to make of the 3 bets and shoving but had the chips on a decent flop and called. How is this line of play? Spewy/Calling stationy? Not a large sample size on these guys, MP1 was 33/27/7 over a 15 hand sample and 1 sample on MP2 with 59BBs. My stats were 22/14/2.

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    I think I'd 4Bet big preflop - I don't mind playing for stacks with AKs and it should get rid of some of the crappy suited connectors/pocket pairs that might want to see a cheapish flop.

    I think your postflop play was fine.


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      Hi Nash,

      I might 3b the opener initially, but don't hate flat calling.. just understand in doing so we are inviting a multi-way pot and will need to improve to be putting more money in post. AKs plays well enough multi-way though.

      I really wouldn't like a big 4b preflop, as I definitely don't want to play for stacks with AKs preflop 240bb deep with V7. His 3b vs. these positions shows a lot of strength already and if we 4b and get shoved, we'll be getting 240bb's in bad or tied close to 100% of the time. It's different if we're 100bb effective but I think stacking off AK 240bb deep vs. a non-maniac is a pretty large spew.

      I do agree post flop play is fine.
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