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25NL 6Max Zoom - AA on wet flop

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  • 25NL 6Max Zoom - AA on wet flop

    Villain: 31/17/0 (60 hands) - he's called a 3Bet OOP with Q2s prior to this hand. How should I respond to villain's 2Bet on the flop?

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    Hi Spand,

    So based on our observations we can presume he is calling our 3b with his entire UTG opening range.

    We don't really know how lightly villain will stack off to this action, but would start by assuming he stacks off all better hands (2 pair+) and big draws like JcTc etc. Our equity against this portion of his stack off range is poor. So then the question becomes will he also stack off with hands against which we have high equity... like Ah9h and JJ for instance. If we think he is stacking off with these worse 1 pair hands as well (and the limited read leans me towards believing he will), then I think your action is fine. If you just call, he's only got roughly 1 pots sized bet behind for the turn. The cards that would be scary might dissuade the A9's and JJ's of the world to not put the rest of the monies in, while the sets, 2 pairs, and draws that get there won't fold on the turn... so his stack off range is likely at it's widest right now on the flop. Therefore if we decide he's loose enough that we should stack off, I prefer to do it immediately.

    Cliffs: Fold vs. nitty opponents, get it in vs. loose ones imo.
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