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5nl zoom QQ in 3b pot

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  • 5nl zoom QQ in 3b pot

    19/19 3b 7.1 27 hands 1.Is calling preflop ok? 2.Is it beter to lead the turn? Do you call the turn if he bets? I know river call was bad, it makes sense for him to have AK and the bet looks like its for value

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    Hey praydk,

    to answer your questions:

    1. Calling is an option, but I dislike it for many reasons. We're OOP and do not close the action from an UTG Opener and a caller. Both will get great odds to flat IP on us with hands that can take a lot of money from us postflop if they outflop us. I would fold if you consider BU's squeezeing range to be too tight, otherwise I would prefer a small 4-bet to isolate the villain.

    2. I think check/folding turn is good as his flopbet into the field is probably very strong. The worst hand he could be betting which we still have a little equity against would be AK with a heart. Overall his betting range will probably have too much equity for us to continue.

    I would fold river (doesn't look like a bluff to me given his size and the rivercard).
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      Don't call the flop, shove.


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        I actually think you played the hand pretty well.

        I think flat-calling or 4Betting preflop is fine - I'd personally be more inclined to go for the 4Bet intending to call a shove from the 3Bettor but I think calling is also OK.

        I agree with your flop and turn play and I would also make the call on the river. Villain might easily have TT or JJ and be betting the river as a perceived scare card. The bet is so small that you only have to be correct 20-25% of the time in order to be profitable.


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          This is a similar hand I played recently:


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            I would prefer deciding whether to go with your hand preflop or not. I would most likely just 4b and call off a shove though preflop as QQ is a massive hand 6 handed unless I had a strong read that the 3 betting player would only do this w/ KK+. If there's any chance he's bluffing or doing this with all of his AK then you need to go with it.

            As played, I would checkraise all-in on this flop. You're OOP and there's not much stack left to play with so there's no point in trying to minimize putting money into this pot as it's already bloated from preflop and flop 3 way. If you were already afraid of him having only KK and AA then I'd muck preflop but I suspect you aren't convinced of that that's why you called preflop so you should protect and go w/ it on the flop. Sucks giving 2 cards away by just calling oop since he will check back his missed hands.
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